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Sprague Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012 with Department Tactics and Timeline.

Cataloging Department Resources

Here are some Cataloging Department Resources:

All policies and procedures follow the general policies and procedures of Montclair State University.

Activities and Tactics for Targeted Goals


MSU Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Cataloging Department 

Tactics & Activities


Goal 1:  Provide resources and staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning at all levels of the University community.


Tactic: Ensure that procedures and practices lead to the accurate description of the various items in the Library collections.


·         Activity:  Insure that the Library catalog acts as the gateway to materials within the building, as well as on the Web.

-      Tactic:  Maintain procedures and practices that lead to the accurate description of the various items in the Library collections.

-      Tactic:  Keep current on revisions to the cataloging rules as they develop.

-      Tactic:  Participate in the customization of the catalog interface.


Tactic:  Provide access to the Library’s holdings for MA theses on Physical Education, Recreation & Leisure by purchasing & loading bib records for the remaining titles of the microfiche set that were not loaded previously.


Tactic:  Participate in the Library’s Second Life initiative, the MSU Library in Second Life.


·         Activity:  Collaborate with faculty using Second Life for teaching in developing access to informational resources for their students.


Tactic:  Improve access to digital collections.


·         Activity:  Participate in the digitization efforts of the Library.

-      Tactic:  Work with the Library’s ContentDM Committee to enhance the interface to the ContentDM system.

-      Tactic:  Continue to develop the MSU Buildings collection.

-      Tactic:  Create a web page to act as a ‘portal’ to the variety of digital collections accessible by Library users.

·         Activity:  Institute a policy to link to full text, online versions of titles owned by the Library in tangible format (e.g., paper, microfiche)

·         Activity:  Work with the Graduate School to improve access to the MSU masters theses by utilizing the various options available through ProQuest for storing and accessing masters theses.

·         Activity:  Assist, where feasible, in the Library’s participation in the creation of an MSU digital repository.



Tactic:  Maintain the accuracy of Library holdings’ records within the Library catalog databases. 


·         Activity:  Continue to add bibliographic and item records to the Library’s catalog for newly acquired books. 

·         Activity:  Inventory the Library’s reference & circulating collections.

-      Add bibliographic and item records for books identified as not in the Library’s catalog.

-      Delete bibliographic and item records for books identified as no longer in the Library’s catalog


Tactic:  Highlight the Library’s collections and services through participation in the Library Exhibits program.


·         Activity:  Work with the Exhibits Committee to develop a committee web page for inclusion in the Library’s web site.

·         Activity:  Develop a virtual exhibit component of the Library’s Exhibits program.


Tactic:  Continue to improve authority control of personal & corporate headings within the Library catalog.


·         Activity:  Continue to participate in the NJ NACO Funnel Project.

-      Participate in training sessions on creating authority records for inclusion in the LC authority files.

-      Institute a pilot project to identify and create authority records for corporate and name headings within the Library catalog.



Goal 2:  Identify and fulfill student and faculty needs in pursuit of scholarship and the application of knowledge in various formats and in accordance with information literacy standards appropriate to each discipline.


Tactic: Participate in the liaison program.


·         Activity:  Communicate regularly with the faculty within the liaisons’ departments or programs, informing them of new products & services.

·         Activity: Create subject/discipline guides for the liaisons’ departments or programs.

·         Activity:  Provide departmental faculty with information on Library holdings, services, etc., when needed for departmental reviews by outside reviewers.


Tactic:  Participate in the collection development activities of the Library.


·         Activity:  Participate in the work of the Collection Resource Management Team.

·         Activity:  Participate in the analysis and development of the collections, based on liaison responsibilities.

-      Tactic:  Participate in the Library weeding program.


Goal 3:  Facilitate the public engagement activities of the University community and provide resources for local, state, and national consortial partnerships and participation in international initiatives.


·         Activity:  Catalog & process the books from the Montclair Art Museum Gift.

·         Activity:  Improve access to the Sprague Library Archives.

-      Seek grant monies to support the creation of finding aids to the various materials housed in the Sprague Library Archives.

-      Implement the creation of finding aids and cataloging of materials.

·         Activity:  Participate in the VALE NJ consortium by serving on its Bibliographic Control & Metadata, Web Page, and other committees.

·         Activity:  Participate in the Vale Last Copy Cooperative (VLCC)  program.

·         Activity: Participate in other state-wide professional groups such as the NJ Library Association (NJLA) and the NJ Library Assistants Association (NJALA)

·         Activity: Participate in the Library’s Second Life initiative, the MSU Library in Second Life.

·         Activity:  Present on various Library initiatives, programs or services in various state-wide and/or national venues.



Goal 4:  Improve and modernize facilities and technology to accommodate future needs.


Tactic:  Move the Library system to the next iteration.


·         Activity:  Participate in the planning and implementation of the next Library system.


Tactic:  Automate authority control by using an outside authority vendor.


·         Activity:  Identify authority vendors, and implement a program of regular updates to the Library system’s authority file using their services.


Tactic:  Investigate the use of batch loading of bib records for new acquisitions through the use of such programs as OCLC’s WorldCat Cataloging Partner’s service. (


Tactic:  Improve the general preservation and maintenance of the circulating and reference collections.


·         Activity:  Create and implement a formalized training program for Library staff on the proper techniques for handling & caring for books.

·         Activity:  Set up an environmental monitoring pilot project to assess physical conditions within the Library.

·         Activity:  Participate in the Disaster Plan Response Committee’s work.


Tactic:  Continue to replace and upgrade computer hardware and software.


Tactic:  Participate in user group activities to maintain currency in best practices.


Tactic:  Participate in the moving of the physical storage areas of the Archives.


Goal 5:  Ensure affordability and accountability of Library expenditures in support of the University’s mission.


Tactic:  Maximize the use of staff time & implementing the automation of authority control and the batch loading of bib records.


·         Activity:  Coordinate ‘sharing’ of staff from other Library departments during their down time to help with the cataloging, processing & inventorying of Library books.

·         Activity:  Continue to utilize student employees to the best of their abilities.


Tactic:  Monitor and assess the various options for obtaining cataloging data and choose a source based on high quality and cost effectiveness.


Tactic:  Maintain awareness of new products that would aid in the processing of materials in a cost effective manner.


Tactic:  Insure that the Library bindery function continues to be both high quality and cost effective.


·         Activity:  Review the performance of the Bindery vendor in terms of turn-around time and price.

·         Activity:  Explore alternatives to the current method of providing binding for personal copies of dissertations and theses.



Goal 6:  Expand formalized assessment programs to evaluate the Library’s organization, services and resources and their impact on the University community.


Tactic:  Participate in the VALE BCMC Research Sub-Committee’s project on the assessment of cataloging services within NJ (& probably) across the US.


Tactic:  Continue to monitor Departmental performance using system activity reports.



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