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Sprague Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012 with Department Tactics and Timeline.

Access Services Resources

Here are some Access Services Department Resources:

All policies and procedures follow the general policies and procedures of Montclair State University.

Activities and Tactics for Targeted Goals


MSU Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Access Services Department 

Goal 1: Provide resources and staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning at all levels of the University community. 

Tactic: Initiate longer Library hours to allow students access to Library resources and a safe place to study.

Activity: Open the Library 24/7.

Length of Pilot/Project: Ongoing


§  Hire a building attendant and student to monitor the building when Access Services is not open.

Goal 2: Identify and fulfill student and faculty needs in pursuit of scholarship and the application of knowledge in various formats and in accordance with information literacy standards appropriate to each discipline.

Tactic: Add 17,00 books from the Montclair Art Museum to the collection.

Activity: Weed and shift current collection to accommodate new books.

Length of Pilot/Project: Summer 2010


§  Weed books from the collection to make more space.

§  Integrate the new books into the appropriate call number ranges.

Goal 3: Facilitate the public engagement activities of the University staff and provide resources for local, state and national consortial partnerships and participation in international initiatives.

Tactic: Collaborate with VALE institutions on an open source Integrated Library System (ILS) 

Activity: Investigate the available open source ILS.

Length of Pilot/Project: Ongoing.


§  Collaborate with other VALE Libraries.



Goal 4: Improve and modernize facilities and technology to accommodate future needs.


Tactic: Upgrade the self check machine of the second floor and replace two aging ILS servers. 

Activity 1: Purchase a new self check machine for the second floor of the Library.

Length of Pilot/Project: Summer 2010.


§  Install and configure new machine.      


Activity 2: Purchase two new Sun T5120 Solaris servers to replace the existing older ILS servers.

Length of Pilot/Project: Summer 2010.


§  Systems has requested that the new servers be purchased as soon as possible. 

Goal 5: Analyze accountability of Library expenditures in support of the University's mission.

Not applicable to Access Services.

Goal 6: Expand formalized assessment programs to evaluate the Library’s organization, services and resources and their impact on the University community

Tactic: Assess the performance of the Department in serving our patrons..

Activity 1: The Departmental staff meet once a month to discuss more efficient procedures to serve our patrons during normal working hours.


Length of Pilot/Project: Ongoing.



§  Efficiencies are initiated continually based on the collection of statistics.

§  Shelving.

§  Desk activity.

§  Gate counts.

§  Notices, etc.



Activity 2: Continuous assessment and improvement of the 24/7 services.


Length of Pilot/Project: Ongoing.


§  Reports and statistics, such as overnight usage, received from the overnight staff will be used to improve the service.




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