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Sprague Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012 with Department Tactics and Timeline.

Multimedia Dept. Resources

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Here are some Multimedia Department Resources:

All policies and procedures follow the general policies and procedures of Montclair State University.

Activities and Tactics for Targeted Goals

MSU Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Multimedia Department 


Goal 1: Provide resources and staff to promote excellence in *teaching and learning* at all levels of the University community.

Activity 1: Make library resources easily accessible, expand resource collection through library website, inter library loan, and other resources on the Internet.


1.       Provide linkable VIDEO/DVD list from library web site to OPAC.

2.       Give library users streaming audio/video’s URL in OPAC.

Activity 2: Promote more free services for research needs of university community.


      1.  Provide free microfilm copying services of journal articles to the faculty.

Goal 2: Identify and fulfill student and faculty needs in pursuit of *scholarship and the application of knowledge* in various formats and in accordance with information literacy standards appropriate to each discipline.

Activity1: Promote easy and frequent communication with all patrons to help identify their needs.


  1. Encourage suggestions from MSU students and teachers for acquisition of new media materials.
  2. Use suggestion box as a tool for improving library media collection and services.

Activity 2: Find better ways for prompt delivery of Library materials.


1.       Analyze and select  media materials of MSU online course by using digital delivery options from

      streaming media vendor, e.g.  Films on Demand, etc.


2.       Investigate efficient way to digitize some media resources which will be on the

       online courses  with the help of IT.


        3.   Look for easy and compatible software and hardware.

Goal 3: Facilitate the *public engagement* activities of the University community and provide resources for local, state, and national consortia partnerships and participation in international initiatives.

Activity 1: Publicize library resources and services among university and local community.


1.       Collaborate with NJVID  in VALE  to digitize commercial documentaries (i.e., PBS ,  Films for Humanities,… etc.) which  will be  heavily used by all patrons in the university  and publish MSU resources on NJVID  websites for their use.

2.       Ask for local input – perhaps from “Three Towns Public Libraries” (Montclair, Clifton & Little Falls) – regarding possible purchases of library materials that would better reflect the interest of these communities.


3.        Participate in local communities’ activities (i.e., field trips…) to promote resources   of the university.

Goal 4: Improve and modernize *facilities and technology *to accommodate future needs.

Activity 1: Review library's current space usage, technology needs, climate control and furnishings.


1.       Move STRR to a more friendly location.  Upgrade personnel and all STRR equipments.

         2.    Replace lounge furniture and the water fountain.


Goal 5: Ensure *affordability and accountability* of Library expenditures in support of the University's mission.

Activity 1: Investigate external and internal help to supplement the University Budget for the library.


        1.   Consider seeking grants or funds from Montclair residents in “purchasing areas’   that appeal   to them.

Goal 6: Expand formalized *assessment *programs to evaluate the Library’s organization, services, and resources and their impact on the University community.

Activity1: Evaluate library performance and structure based on collected expanded assessments. 


1.   Write regular strategic plan to upgrade library missions and goals.

       2.   Use assessment tool of collection like WCAT to make balanced collection.


Activity 2: Ensure that library budget allocation is spent wisely and efficiently.


1.       Research and get best deals for all the purchases of library resources.

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