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Sprague Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012 with Department Tactics and Timeline.

Government Documents Department Resources

Here are some Government Documents Department Resources:

All policies and procedures follow the general policies and procedures of Montclair State University.

Activities and Tactics for Targeted Goals


MSU Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Reference Department 

  GOAL 1 – Provide resources and staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning at all levels of the University community.


            ACTIVITY – Answer reference, research and information questions (in-person,

              telephone, chat, E-mail) for all patrons, both members of the Montclair State

              University community and local residents.

                        Tactic – Identify new ways to reach patrons such as chat and E-mail.

                        Tactic – Continue to explore new services such as “roving reference”

                          to reach patrons who do not come into the Library to do their research.

                        Tactic – Revise student handouts on APA and MLA Style to reflect

                          chages in the latest editions of the APA Publication Manual and the MLA

                          Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

                        Tactic – Prepare or update a series of Research Guides on various topics

                          to be used with library instruction classes, Liaison Departments and

                          general reference assistance, using a product such as Dreamweaver or




            ACTIVITY – Fill interlibrary loan requests for books and journal articles for our

              faculty, students and staff and fill requests received from other libraries to

              borrow our materials.

                        Tactic – Continue to keep abreast of the latest technology in the field and

                          to participate with other libraries in resource sharing partnerships such

                          as LVIS.


            ACTIVITY – Provide individual reference and research sessions for our patrons.

                        Tactic – Continue to provide research assistance for graduate students.

                        Tactic – Plan a new research assistance service for faculty.

                        Tactic – Plan a new research assistance service for undergraduate



            ACTIVITY – Increase communication between the Library, the University and the


                        Tactic – Serve as Library Liaisons to one or more teaching departments

                          and/or programs.  Inform faculty of relevant library materials in their

disciplines and services such as reserves, interlibrary loan, library

                          instruction classes and ordering materials.  Attend departmental

                          meetings, if appropriate.  Assist departments in the preparation of the

                          Library section of self-study reports for accreditation and committee

                          visits.  Meet with Accreditation teams during their Library visits.  Other

                          services as requested.               

                        Tactic – Develop a Library Public Relations Program to keep the campus

                          Informed of Library activities and services.

                        Tactic  -  Continue to develop the Sprague Library Home Page and the

                          Reference Department Home Page to keep them current, informative

                          and easy to navigate.  

                        Tactic – Provide state-of-the art color printing equipment for use by

                           patrons, as well as assistance in using these printers, if needed.

                        Tactic – Continue to represent the Library at University programs such as

                           orientations for new faculty, orientations for new graduate students and

                           orientations for new freshmen and transfer students by speaking about

                           Library collections, services and activities.

                        Tactic – Continue to provide opportunities for library school students to

                          do internships or observe reference activities, as requested.

                        Tactic – Continue to provide opportunities for local high school students

                          to visit the Library and receive instruction on doing research at the

                          college level.


            ACTIVITY – Continue to review the Library’s current customer service practices

            to see how they can be changed and/or improved.  (Customer Service


                        Tactic – Sponsor  meetings, discussions, role-playing activities and

                          speakers for the entire Library staff on the topic of customer service.



GOAL 2 – Identify and fulfill student and faculty needs in pursuit of scholarship and the application of knowledge in various formats in accordance with information literacy standards appropriate to each discipline.


            ACTIVITY – Provide library instruction to students, faculty and staff to ensure

              that these groups meet University information literacy standards.

                        Tactic – Assign a reference librarian full responsibility to coordinate the

                          Library instruction Program, including information literacy and


                        Tactic            - Increase awareness among faculty about the Library Instruction

                          Program by sending E-mail announcements, by personal contact and by

                         contacts with faculty in individual departments by Library Liaisons.

                        Tactic – Provide class-specific library instruction classes, developed

                          collaboratively with faculty.

                        Tactic – Expand the number of library instruction classes and other out-

                          reach programs in the University’s Distance Education Program to

                          support online courses.




                        Tactic – Continue to assess library instruction, including New Student

                          Experience, College Writing, other undergraduate classes and all

                          graduate classes and, based on these assessments, make changes as


                        Tactic – Encourage non-reference librarians and members of our support

                          staff to conduct tours and library introductions for students in the New

                          Student Experience classes.

                        Tactic – Continue to explore ways to make library instruction classes for

                          freshmen in the New Student Experience Program meaningful and

                          helpful in introducing them to the Library.

                        Tactic – Develop a plan to gradually integrate all non-reference librarians

                          into the Library Instruction Program by having them teach specialized

                          classes for their Liaison departments.

                        Tactic – Teach large classes and classes that meet early in the morning

                          before the Library is open in the students own classrooms.

                        Tactic – Offer a series of walk-in workshops each semester on various

                          topics, including using the Library databases,  searching individual

                          databases and searching the Internet.  Explore ways to collaborate with

                          Information Technology when offering these classes.




GOAL 3 – Facilitate the public engagement activities of the University community and provide resources for local, state and national consortial partnerships and participation in international activities.


            ACTIVITY – Actively participate in local, state, regional, national and international

              organizations such as INFOLINK, New Jersey Library Association, VALE,

              Lyrasis, American Library Association and IFLA by membership in these

              organizations, attendance at meetings, seminars and workshops and

              involvement on committees, task forces and other activities.  Participate in

              University and Library activities.  Serve on University and Library committees.



GOAL 4 – Improve and modernize facilities and technology to accommodate future needs.


            ACTIVITY – Maximize the usefulness and integration of various software and

               hardware in the Library.

                        Tactic – Continue to customize the interface of the current online catalog

                           to improve searching and retrieval capabilities within the Library’s


                        Tactic – Continue to investigate the possibility of switching to an open-

                           Source catalog.

                        Tactic – Keep abreast of the literature on the topic of open source

                           catalogs through professional reading.

                        Tactic – Participate in user group activities and attend (either in person or

                           online) professional meetings in order  to maintain currency in best



            ACTIVITY – Using Content DM, plan and implement digital Library projects such

               as the digitization of the Montclarion, MSU student newspaper, La Campana,

               student yearbook, Alumni Life, MSU Photography Archives, MSU doctoral

               dissertations and masters theses and other material from the Sprague Library

               Archives, as appropriate.  (Digitization Committee)



            ACTIVITY – Identify areas for improvement and develop pilot projects to test

               emerging technologies and facilitate the improvements and project.

                        Tactic – Revise the “Ask A Librarian” E-mail reference service so it can be

                           handled at the reference desk by all reference librarians.

                        Tactic – Revise and further develop Reference Department services such

                           as FAQs, online tutorials and the “Library Virtual Tour.”

                        Tactic – Add a “chat online” service such as MEEBO that would be

                           handled at the reference desk by all reference librarians.




            ACTIVITY – Collaborate with Information Technology and other campus groups

               to continuously upgrade all computers and equipment in the reference area

               and continue to develop and plan new technology projects.

                        Tactic – Continuously upgrade all computers, printers and other

                           equipment in the reference area with the latest and best equipment

                           to meet our needs.

                        Tactic – Continuously upgrade the electronic classrooms (Rooms 110 and

                           203) with the latest and best equipment for our needs.

                        Tactic – Continue to integrate Library resources such as E-Reserves into

                           the Campus Course Management system (Blackboard) and add

                           bibliographies prepared for Library Instruction classes.


            ACTIVITY – Increase connectivity for patrons and staff in order to access Library,

                campus and Internet resources.

                        Tactic – Evaluate the number of workstations in the public areas.

                        Tactic – Configure most workstations in the public areas so patrons can

                           use and print from the Internet, Blackboard and personal documents,

                           as well as from the electronic databases.

                        Tactic – Provide a top of the line color printer for patron use.



            ACTIVITY -  Renovate the physical space in the reference area.

                        Tactic – Bring the HVAC up to comfortable and acceptable standards

                          throughout  the entire building.

                        Tactic – Replace low-standing index/abstract shelves with additional

                           computers and comfortable seating to provide to encourage patron

                           use a and group study.




GOAL 5 – Ensure affordability and accountability of Library expenditures in support of the University’s Mission.


            ACTIVITY – Establish a Library budget that is appropriate to the Library’s


                        Tactic – Recommend budgets that provide for sufficient personnel, both

                           full-time and part-time, to carry out the Reference Department’s


                        Tactic – Recommend budgets that provide for the expansion of electronic

                           resources, as well as continuing to provide for the acquisition of

                           relevant materials in traditional formats for the reference collection.


            ACTIVITY – Seek funding from external sources to supplement the University’s

               budget allocation.

                        Tactic – Work with the staff of the Grants Office to identify and apply for

                           appropriate grants for professional travel and special projects.


                        Tactic – Take advantage of gifts and offers for free materials to support

                           the Reference Department’s Collection Development Policy.


            ACTIVITY – Participate in cooperative projects such as VALE, LYRASIS and

               VALE to realize cost savings on various projects, including group discounts,

               on database subscriptions.  Take advantage of offerings from the State Library

               such as the NJKI – New Jersey Knowledge Initiative.  Take advantage of

               opportunities offered by these organizations such as meetings, workshops,

               training and product demonstrations.



GOAL 6 – Expand formalized assessment programs to evaluate the Library’s organization, services and resources and their impact on the University community.


            ACTIVITY – Analyze the organizational structure of the Public Services Division

               and the Reference Department to determine if they meet current and future

               Library service needs.

                        Tactic – Replace the long-vacant position of Associate Dean for Public

                           Services and reorganize  the entire Public Services Division and the

                           responsibilities of each person within the Division.

                        Tactic – Replace the head of the Reference Department (vacant in June,

                           2009) and completely reorganize the Reference Department and the job

                           responsibilities of each person within the Department.

                        Tactic – Assign a reference librarian full responsibility to coordinate the                               Library Instruction Program, including information literacy and


                        Tactic – Fill the position of Evening Reference Librarian for 2009/2010

                          while the current Evening Reference Librarian is on leave.


            ACTIVITY – Evaluate the cost effectiveness of Library resources.

                        Tactic – Compare price structures for reference materials in both print and

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