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Sprague Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012 with Department Tactics and Timeline.

Periodicals Department Resources

Here are some Periodicals Department Resources:

All policies and procedures follow the general policies and procedures of Montclair State University.

Activities and Tactics for Targeted Goals


MSU Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Periodicals Department 

  Goal 2:  Identify and fulfill student and faculty needs in pursuit of scholarship and the application of knowledge in various formats and in accordance with information literacy standards appropriate to each discipline


Activity: Review quality and efficiency of Serials Solutions 360 Core and 360 Link and compare to other known serial electronic management services such as: EBSCO’s A to Z and Link Source; TD Net’s Journal Manager and Tour Resolver; Gold Rush developed by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries includes four major features: open URL link resolution, a public search interface (A-Z list), subscriptions management and content comparison; reSearcher is an  open source product developed at Simon Fraser University in Canada for locating and managing electronic information resources, designed for use by students and researchers in academic libraries. The four main modules of reSearcher are:

·         CUFTS: Open Source Serials Management

·         GODOT: Open Source Link Resolving

·         dbWiz: Open Source Federated Searching

·         Open Knowledgebase  

Tactic: Ask for pricing and demo, look for reviews in professional literature; consult with Reference Librarians, the E-Resource Librarian and the Dean of Library Services.


Make a decision whether to retain and/or replace Serials Solutions by end of the Spring Semester 2010


Activity:  Continue to recommend that the Library subscribe to more e-journal publisher packages such as Sage, Cambridge Journals, Oxford Journals, Wiley-Blackwell Journals, University of Chicago Journals, Taylor & Francis


Tactic: The Library is currently subscribing to several publisher e-journal packages such as: Science Direct (Elsevier), American Chemical Society, and Springer.


Look into direct and consortia prices, see if journals match the University’s curriculum, get reviews from professional literature, ask other librarians for their opinions by going to Serialist


Recommend 1 to 2 publishers in academic year 2009-2010   



Goal 4:  Improve and modernize facilities and technology infrastructure to accommodate technological changes and future space needs


Activity:  In the past several years, the Periodicals Department cancelled many print titles because electronic access via publisher and/or aggregators was available.  As a result there are many short-runs on the shelves which need to be discarded


Tactic:  Begin an official review of short-run titles starting with July 2009 through June 2012.  Discard if backup to title and years are available online.  To be completed no later than June 2012. 


Activity: Investigate e-journal archival retention services such as Portico and LOCKS


Tactic:  Contact vendors for a demo and pricing, pose a query in SeriaList to see which academic libraries are suing these services   


Possible implementation July 2011



Goal 5:  Analyze affordability and accountability of Library funding and expenditures to support the University’s mission


Activity:  Continue to review and in conjunction with the Electronic Resources Librarian current pricing structures and inflation from vendors and publishers.


Tactic: Look at pricing trends from domestic/international publishers; create a five-year pricing comparison review for existing vendors and publishers to see whether to keep and/or cancel journal and/or database; review consortia pricing models to see if going through a consortia saves the Library money; investigate other vendors and/or publishers to get better pricing without sacrificing quality.    


This fiscal review process should be ongoing throughout 2009-2012 with recommendations as needed



Goal 6: Institute formalized assessment programs to evaluate the Library’s organization, services and resources and the benefit to the University community


Activity: Develop and implement an official assessment of all individual print and electronic journal subscriptions


Tactic: Create a usage count spreadsheet for the current academic year for individual print titles; Create a similar spreadsheet containing usage statistics for individual e-journal titles using the click-through statistics in Serials Solutions and usage counts from  in publishers and aggregate databases


An informal assessment has been ongoing in the past several years, now it needs to be formalized and implement by June 2012


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