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Sprague Library Exhibits

Sprague Library Archives - Spring 2011


Sprague Library Archives


The Sprague Library Archives is a repository for many of the documents relating to the history of Montclair State College/University and is available for reference and research by administrators, faculty, students, alumni and other interested parties. The exhibit displays some of the many interesting publications and memorabilia from Montclair State History.

The yearbooks on display also provide a fascinating glimpse into our past. If you can’t visit the Archives or the exhibit, you can see our yearbooks online.

The Archives are located in Room 029 in the Multimedia Department (lower level) of the Harry A. Sprague Library. Access is by appointment. Please contact Paul Martinez: 973 655-3465 or the Reference Department: 973-655-4291

Stop by the exhibit in the lobby of the Sprague Library and see a hand-painted Christmas program from 1914.


You can also see a Freshman Orientation Beanie worn by a member of the class of 1967.



Here is an “Awful Awful” glass from Bond’s Ice Cream on Valley Road.  The “Awful Awful” was a milkshake which was “Awful big and Awful good.” Bond’s was very popular with Montclair State students. It closed in the early 1970’s.



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