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Sprague Library Exhibits

Kristallnacht Anniversary - Fall 2013

Exhibit curated by Steven Shapiro


9 Nov. 1938 "Night of broken glass" Nazis conducted a pogrom  against Jews in Germany and Austria. Over 7,000 Jewish shops and almost all synagogues were destroyed by the Nazi mob. At least ninety‚Äźone Jews died, and around 30,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps.

Books in the Exhibit

1.   The Day the Holocaust Began by Gerald Schwab
2.   Crystal Night by Rita Thalmann
3.   Exile and Destruction:  The Fate of Austrian Jews, 1938 - 1945 by Gertrude Schneider
4.   Robbing the Jews by Martin Dean
5.   Der Pogrom 1938 by Kurt Schmid
6.   Nazi Germany and the Jews (vol. 1) by Saul Friedlander
7.   Kristallnacht: Prelude to Destruction by Martin Gilbert
8.   48 hours of Kristallnacht by Mitchell Bard
9.   From Boycott to Annihilation by Avraham Barkai
10. Generation Exodus by Walter Laqueur
11. The German Public and the Persecution of the Jews Edited by Jorg Wollenberg
12. Two Brothers: Siegfried Haber, Max Haber (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
13. Between Dignity and Despair: Jewish Life in Nazi Germany by Marion Kaplan
14. The Twisted Road to Auschwitz by Karl A. Schleunes
15. Kristallnacht: The Nazi Night of Terror by Anthony Read
16. Travels in the Reich: 1933-1945 Edited by Oliver Lubrich

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