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University Authors 2020-2021

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University Authors 2021 Titles

Statistics: a Tool for Social Research and Data Analysis

Extremely student friendly, Healey's STATISTICS: A TOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH AND DATA ANALYSIS, 11e, equips you with a solid understanding of statistical fundamentals and their practical application to current social issues -- no advanced math knowledge required. The text breaks down even the most complex material to help you master key concepts and develop the skills you need as a professional in a social science field -- or simply to become a "statistically literate" consumer of social research. Everyday examples illustrate that statistics are not just abstract mathematical constructs, but they have practical value in government, education, business, media, politics, sports and more. Research examples in every chapter include the same "real data" used by professionals across various fields to make evidence-based decisions. Also available: MindTap digital learning solution.

Siren Song

Fawzia Afzal-Khan's book is an important and timely feminist intervention in the study of classical music and a cogent challenge to the prevailing antisecular orthodoxy in the academy. In this complex and sensitive study...of the careers of artistes like Malka Pukhraj, Roshanara Begum, Reshma, and of the newer music and musical space offered by Coke Studio, Afzal-Khan shows us the multiple ways in which women performers negotiated and continue to negotiate their way through the numerous challenges thrown their way in the wake of the partitioning of the subcontinent and the multiple demands placed on them.

American Milliners and Their World : Women's Work from Revolution to Rock and Roll (eBook)

"This book examines the social world of the American milliner from the 18th century to the 1960s, focusing on the female workers who made the hats, and their struggle to assume a position in society" -- Provided by publisher.

Handbook of Research Methods in Health Psychology (eBook)

In this comprehensive handbook, Ragin and Keenan present an all-encompassing analysis of the variety of different methods used in health psychology research. Featuring interdisciplinary collaborations from leading academics, this meticulously written volume is a guide to conducting cutting-edge research using tested and vetted best practices. It explains important research techniques, why they are selected and how they are conducted. The book critically examines both cutting-edge methods, such as those used in NextGen genetics, nudge theory, and the brain's vulnerability to addiction, as well as the classic methods, including cortisol measurement, survey, and environmental study. The topics of the book span the gamut of health psychology field, from neuroimaging and statistical analysis to socioeconomic issues such as the policies used to address diseases in Africa, anti-vaxers, and the disproportionate impact of climate change on impoverished people. With each section featuring examples of best research practices, recommendations for study samples, accurate use of instrumentation, analytical techniques, and advanced-level data analysis, this book will be an essential text for both emerging student researchers and experts in the field and an indispensable resource in health psychology programs.

American Women's Regionalist Fiction : Mapping the Gothic (eBook) / edited by Monika Elbert, Rita Bode.

American Women's Regionalist Fiction: Mapping the Gothic seeks to redress the monolithic view of a national American Gothic, instead considering specific regions in the U.S. and how they express their own particular versions of the Gothic. Focusing on American women writers whose views of hauntings are ultimately connected to their image of an internal and ofttimes oppressive domestic landscape, these essays consider the ways the outdoor landscape feeds their fantasy and contributes to their notion of a natural history and local mythology that coincides with their sense of a world beyond the confines of the home. The clash between these two realms often paves the way for the Gothic encounter. Ultimately, these essays reveal the impact of the regional Gothic in considering how collision between the local and the national precipitates a conflict that leads to the Gothic protagonist's sense of belonging or alienation.

Essentials of Job Attitudes and Other Workplace Psychological Constructs (eBook)

Although the topic of job attitudes and other workplace psychological constructs such as perceptions, identity, bonds, and motivational states is important, there are no books addressing the topic as a whole. Essentials of Job Attitudes and Other Workplace Psychological Constructs seeks to fill that void in a comprehensive edited volume that compiles chapters by experts on each construct. Essentials of Job Attitudes and Other Workplace Psychological Constructs begins with a review of the concept of job attitudes and other workplace psychological constructs, then devotes a single chapter to each construct. These chapters focus on organizational justice, perceived organizational support, organizational identification, job involvement, workplace commitments, job embeddedness, job satisfaction, employee engagement, and team-related work attitudes. Each of these chapters addresses parallel content including definitions, history, theory, a critique of the field to date with future research recommendations, and how the given construct can be used in practice. There are two additional features that make this book unique: first, each chapter provides a nomological network figure of the workplace psychological construct addressed; and second, each chapter provides one or more of the current measures used to assess the construct of interest. Essentials of Job Attitudes and Other Workplace Psychological Constructs is an ideal text for students and professionals in industrial-organizational psychology, organizational behavior, and human resource management.

The Making of the American Creative Class (eBook)

During the middle decades of the twentieth century, the production of America's consumer culture was centralized in midtown Manhattan to an extent unparalleled in the history of the modern United States. Within a few square miles of skyscrapers were the headquarters of networks like NBC and CBS, the editorial offices of book publishers and mass circulation magazines such as Time and Life, numerous influential newspapers, and major advertising agencies on Madison Avenue. Every day tens of thousands of writers, editors, artists, performers, technicians, secretaries, and other white-collar workers made advertisements, produced media content, and enhanced the appearance of goods in order to boost sales. While this center of creativity has often been portrayed as a smoothly running machine, within these offices many white-collar workers challenged the managers and executives who directed their labors. In this definitive history, The Making of the American Creative Class examines these workers and their industries throughout the twentieth century. As manufacturers and retailers competed to attract consumers' attention, their advertising expenditures financed the growth of enterprises engaged in the production of culture, which in turn provided employment for an increasing number of clerical, technical, professional, and creative workers. The book explores employees' efforts to improve their working conditions by forming unions, experimenting with alternative media and cultural endeavors supported by public, labor, or cooperative patronage, and expanding their opportunities for creative autonomy. As blacklisting and attacks on militant unions left them destroyed or weakened, workers in advertising, design, publishing, and broadcasting in the late twentieth century were constrained in their ability to respond to economic dislocations and to combat discrimination in the culture industries. At once a portrait of a city and the national culture of consumer capitalism it has produced, The Making of the American Creative Class is an innovative narrative of modern American history that addresses issues of earnings and status still experienced by today's culture workers.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (eBook)

Many school-based speech-language pathologists (SLPs) deal with large caseloads and limited resources. Taking on additional workload by implementing multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) can seem overwhelming. Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Implementation Tools for Speech-Language Pathologists in Education offers practical research-based tools that school-based SLPs can use to balance the high demands of their job with supporting general education students.  This professional resource provides answers to a range of questions about policy implications, applicability of the framework to a speech-language pathologist's role in schools, and how an SLP can implement MTSS in their practice. Part I breaks down the important concepts of MTSS, while Part II is designed as an SLP MTSS Toolkit, featuring the collective wisdom of practitioners and researchers in the field. Throughout the text, readers will also find real-world snapshots of MTSS in action based on the experiences of actual SLPs in the field. 

Marketing in Healthcare-Related Industries (eBook)

"Healthcare delivery and the healthcare industry in the 21st century face a multiplicity of challenges. These include changing disease patterns, more technology-driven health interventions, a more assertive and quality conscious clientele, as well as a rapidly growing for-profit segment of the industry. This places more responsibilities on healthcare service providers in both the public and private sectors to deliver value-for-money services at competitive costs. To respond to this, a carefully crafted marketing approach is needed by all players in the industry to sustain the confidence of its clientele. Marketing in Healthcare-Related Industries captures the concepts and complexities of marketing healthcare in today's environment. The book provides detailed conceptual and practical insights that will be of great benefit to healthcare students and practitioners. Topics on healthcare marketing have been carefully selected to provide wide coverage and are illustrated by mini-cases with a highly practical marketing tool kit for healthcare managers also included"

Managing Fashion (eBook)

The fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar global industry with a variety of organizational structures and a multitude of challenges. Such scope triggered the recent rise in management programs in the U.S. and Europe aiming to produce and train young managers to meet such global and diverse challenges. Managing Fashion covers the fashion business with a twist - a management twist. Its goal is to tackle the topics from a fashion manager perspective referencing relevant management concepts and theories, thus offering a deeper and more practical dimension to the issues addressed. It offers a balanced mix of fashion and management, theory and application, as well as creating an opportunity for analysis and critical thinking. Discussions throughout the book are supported by specially developed case studies and relevant examples taken from the fashion industry. It is an opportunity to expose the fashion student or reader, as well as aspiring fashion managers, to a more practical approach to fashion theories and issues. Managing Fashion will serve as a core text for Fashion Studies, Fashion Entrepreneurship, and Fashion Merchandising majors as well as for special business degrees and management certificates targeting the fashion industry.

Handbook of Research on Equity in Computer Science in P-16 Education (eBook)

The growing trend for high-quality computer science in school curricula has drawn recent attention in classrooms. With an increasingly information-based and global society, computer science education coupled with computational thinking has become an integral part of an experience for all students, given that these foundational concepts and skills intersect cross-disciplinarily with a set of mental competencies that are relevant in their daily lives and work. While many agree that these concepts should be taught in schools, there are systematic inequities that exist to prevent students from accessing related computer science skills. The Handbook of Research on Equity in Computer Science in P-16 Education is a comprehensive reference book that highlights relevant issues, perspectives, and challenges in P-16 environments that relate to the inequities that students face in accessing computer science or computational thinking and examines methods for challenging these inequities in hopes of allowing all students equal opportunities for learning these skills. Additionally, it explores the challenges and policies that are created to limit access and thus reinforce systems of power and privilege. The chapters highlight issues, perspectives, and challenges faced in P-16 environments that include gender and racial imbalances, population of growing computer science teachers who are predominantly white and male, teacher preparation or lack of faculty expertise, professional development programs, and more. It is intended for teacher educators, K-12 teachers, high school counselors, college faculty in the computer science department, school administrators, curriculum and instructional designers, directors of teaching and learning centers, policymakers, researchers, and students.

The Co-Teacher's Guide (eBook)

This pragmatic guide provides concrete, detailed strategies for co-teachers looking to expand their instructional methods and involvement beyond the One Teach, One Support model. Including step-by-step examples, practical scenarios, and visuals of successful implementations to help you quickly and effectively put these tools into practice, each chapter also highlights specific tensions that can arise in your co-teaching partnership and frames effective solutions to move beyond them efficiently and effectively. While designed for both teachers in a co-teaching pair, the book's tools can easily be applied on your own, making this an ideal resource for co-teachers with limited common planning time.

Popular Music Pedagogies (eBook)

Popular Music Pedagogies: A Practical Guide for Music Teachers provides readers with a solid foundation of playing and teaching a variety of instruments and technologies, and then examines how these elements work together in a comprehensive school music program. With individual chapters designed to stand independently, instructors can adapt this guide to a range of learning abilities and teaching situations by combining the pedagogies and methodologies presented. This textbook is an ideal resource for preservice music educators enrolled in popular music education, modern band, or secondary general methods coursework and K-12 music teachers who wish to create or expand popular music programs in their schools. The website includes play-alongs, video demonstrations, printed materials, and links to useful popular music pedagogy resources.

Liberal Quaker reconciliation theology : a constructive approach (eBook)

This work brings the fields of Christian theologies of atonement and reconciliation and Liberal Quaker theology into dialogue, and lays the foundation for developing an original Liberal Quaker reconciliation theology. This dialogue focuses specifically on the metaphorical language employed to describe the relationship of interdependence between humans and God, which both traditions hold as integral to their conceptions of human and divine existence. It focuses on these areas: the sin of human division and exclusion; atonement and reunification of humans and God as a response to sin; and the metaphors Liberal Quaker use to describe this interdependent relationship, specifically the metaphor of Light. This unique approach develops an original model of reconciliatory interdependence between humans and God that is rooted in both Christological and Universalist Liberal Quaker metaphorical and theological categories and utilizes the Liberal Quaker language of God as interdependent Light towards a new theology.

The Pearl

John Steinbeck's The Pearl is one of the most popular and most frequently taught of all American novellas. Its Mexican setting, in a location not far from California, gives it a particular interest today as the United States becomes increasingly multicultural. The present volume examines the book from numerous perspectives - historical, cultural, social, economic, ethnic, and literary. This book in the Critical Insights series explores the many factors that have made Steinbeck's short novel so enduringly appealing, examining the history of the work's critical reception while also contributing new insights that have not been pursued before.

Examining Images of Urban Life

There are novels that portray cities as magical places, others as stifling, imposing environments, and others still as a gritty but beautiful, living landscape. Cities can be the center of culture, business, the arts, and are the meeting places for diversities of all kinds. Examining Images of Urban Life gathers contributions from scholars, educators, and young adult authors, like Benjamin Alire Saenz and E. Charlton-Trujillo, who consider how living in a city affects character identity and growth, and the ways authors world-build the urban setting. The collection discusses what the urban landscape means, and dispels the media-driven, anecdotally propagated preconceptions about city living. Urban life is varied and rich, just as its literature is. The collection revolves around a reconsideration of what the city represents, to its readers and to its inhabitants, and serves as a resource in urban settings, wherein teachers can select books that mirror and advocate for the students sitting in their classes. Perfect for courses such as: Young Adult Literature | Children's Literature | Elementary Literacy | Reading and Literacy | Methods of Teaching | Public Purposes of Education | Educational or Historical Foundations of Education | Urban Studies | Media and Library Sciences

La collaborazione de L. Trotsky con Germania e Giappone, Cospirazioni di Trotsky vol. 2

Translation of: Leon Trotsky's collaboration with Germany and Japan, Trotsky's conspiracies of the 1930s, volume 2.

Тайна катынского расстрела : доказательства, решение

Translation of: The mystery of the Katyn Massacre, the evidence, the solution

Our Last Season (eBook)

The moving story of a bond between sportswriter and fan that was forged in a shared love of basketball and grew over several decades into an extraordinary friendship. Harvey Araton is one of New York's - and the nation's - best-known sports journalists, having covered thousands of Knicks games over the course of a long and distinguished career. But the person at the heart of Our Last Season, Michelle Musler, is largely anonymous - except, that is, to the players, coaches, and writers who have passed through Madison Square Garden, where she held season tickets behind the Knicks bench for 45 years.

A Struggle for Heritage (eBook)

Based on ten years of collaborative, community-based research, this book examines race and racism in a mixed-heritage Native American and African American community on Long Island's north shore. Through excavations of the Silas Tobias and Jacob and Hannah Hart houses in the village of Setauket, Christopher Matthews explores how the families who lived here struggled to survive and preserve their culture despite consistent efforts to marginalize and displace them over the course of more than 200 years. He discusses these forgotten people and the artifacts of their daily lives within the larger context of race, labor, and industrialization from the early nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. A Struggle for Heritage draws on extensive archaeological, archival, and oral historical research and sets a remarkable standard for projects that engage a descendant community left out of the dominant narrative. Matthews demonstrates how archaeology can be an activist voice for a vulnerable population's civil rights as he brings attention to the continuous, gradual, and effective economic assault on people of color living in a traditional neighborhood amid gentrification. Providing examples of multiple approaches to documenting hidden histories and silenced pasts, this study is a model for public and professional efforts to include and support the preservation of historic communities of color. A volume in the series Cultural Heritage Studies, edited by Paul A. Shackel

Managing Classroom Assessment to Enhance Student Learning (eBook)

As teachers are required to integrate an increasing number of assessment practices into the classroom, it is crucial that they have effective routines for organizing and evaluating the generated data. Managing Classroom Assessment to Enhance Student Learning introduces pre- and in-service teachers to the major categories of assessment management and provides empirical and theoretical support for their effectiveness. In-depth chapters consider management in the context of assigning and collecting work, interpreting and organizing assessment results, and providing students with feedback.

Conversations with Families of Children with Disabilities (eBook)

Conversations with Families of Children with Disabilities creates a space for diverse families of children with disabilities to share their stories with pre-service and in-service teachers. Specifically designed for professionals preparing to work with families of children with disabilities, this text invites the reader to listen in as families reflect on their personal journeys in conversation with the authors. This powerful book helps educators develop a deeper understanding of families and enhance their capacity for authentic partnerships.

Reframing Japonisme (eBook)

Japonisme, the nineteenth-century fascination for Japanese art, has generated an enormous body of scholarship since the beginning of the twenty-first century, but most of it neglects the women who acquired objects from the Far East and sold them to clients or displayed them in their homes before bequeathing them to museums. The stories of women shopkeepers, collectors, and artists rarely appear in memoirs left by those associated with the japoniste movement. This volume brings to light the culturally important, yet largely forgotten activities of women such as Clemence d'Ennery (1823 1898), who began collecting Japanese and Chinese chimeras in the 1840s, built and decorated a house for them in the 1870s, and bequeathed the "Musee d'Ennery" to the state as a free public museum in 1893. A friend of the Goncourt brothers and a fifty-year patron of Parisian dealers of Asian art, d'Ennery's struggles to gain recognition as a collector and curator serve as a lens through which to examine the collecting and display practices of other women of her day. Travelers to Japan such as the Duchesse de Persigny, Isabella Stewart Gardner, and Laure Durand- Fardel returned with souvenirs that they shared with friends and family. Salon hostesses including Juliette Adam, Louise Cahen d'Anvers, Princesse Mathilde, and Marguerite Charpentier provided venues for the discussion and examination of Japanese art objects, as did well-known art dealers Madame Desoye, Madame Malinet, Madame Hatty, and Madame Langweil. Writers, actresses, and artists Judith Gautier, Ther se Bentzon, Sarah Bernhardt, and Mary Cassatt, to name just a few took inspiration from the Japanese material in circulation to create their own unique works of art. Largely absent from the history of Japonisme, these women and many others actively collected Japanese art, interacted with auction houses and art dealers, and formed collections now at the heart of museums such as the Louvre, the Musee Guimet, the Musee Cernuschi, the Musee Unterlinden, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Theory in Literacy Studies Research (eBook)

Novice and early career researchers often have difficulty withunderstanding how theory, data analysis and interpretation of findings "hangtogether" in a well-designed and theorized qualitative research investigationand with learning how to draw on such understanding to conduct rigorous dataanalysis and interpretation of their analytic results. Data Analysis,Interpretation, and Theory in Literacy Studies Researchdemonstrates how todesign, conduct and analyze a well put together qualitative research project.Using their own successful studies, chapter authors spell out a problem area,research question, and theoretical framing, carefully explaining their choicesand decisions. They then show in detail how they analyzed their data, and whythey took this approach. Finally, they demonstrate how they interpreted theresults of their analysis, to make them meaningful in research terms. Approaches include interactional sociolinguistics,microethnographic discourse analysis, multimodal analysis, iterative coding,conversation analysis, and multimediated discourse analysis, among others. Thisbook will appeal to beginning researchers and to literacy researchersresponsible for teaching qualitative literacy studies research design atundergraduate and graduate levels. Perfect for courses such as: Literacy Research Seminar | Introduction to Qualitative Research | Advanced Research Methods | Studying New Literacies and Media | Research Perspectives in Literacy | Discourse Analysis | Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis | Sociolinguistic Analysis | Classroom Language Research

China's Urban Agglomerations (eBook)

The book combs through extensively 32,231 urban agglomeration related works during the past 120 years to explore a theoretically supported and practically based definition of urban agglomeration. Based on the definition, the authors explore intensively the fundamental characteristics, spatiotemporal differentiation properties, and existing issues for China's sustainable urban agglomeration development for the past 35 years. The study proposes that China shall focus on the construction and sustainable development of five primary national-level urban agglomerations. In the meantime, China shall also steadily and gradually construct 9 regional urban agglomerations and guide the development and growth of 6 local urban agglomerations. In the long run, China will have a hierarchical "5+9+6" closely integrated hierarchical urban agglomeration spatial structure. The study also proposes to coordinate the construction and development of urban agglomerations on the "two belts and one road" to form a national new urbanization development strategic pattern that enables "the axis to connect the agglomerations while the agglomerations support the axis." Furthermore, the study investigates a variety of strategic thinking and suggestions for creating innovative, green and ecologically friendly, intelligent, low-carbon, open, culture-oriented, market-oriented and shared urban agglomerations in China. This book will be a comprehensive reference both for scholars and decision-makers engaged in urban development and planning and environmental protection departments. It can also serve as textbook for graduate students of relevant fields.

Women Philosophers. Volume I (eBook)

Illuminating a significant moment in the development of both American and feminist philosophical history, this book explores the pioneering thought of the women in the early American Idealist movement and outgrowths of it in the late-nineteenth century. Dorothy Rogers specifically examines the ideas of women who entered philosophical discourse through education and social activism. She begins by discussing innovative educators, some of whom were members of the influential Idealist movement in St. Louis, Missouri in the eighteen-sixties and seventies. She then looks at the ideas and impact of women who were independent scholars and social and political activists. Throughout the volume, Rogers explores how Idealist thought developed, matured, and was transformed over time o across lines of race, culture, and socio-economic class. Several of the women discussed were ardent feminists and activists- Mary Church Terrell, Anna C. Brackett, Grace C. Bibb, Ana Roqu , Ellen M. Mitchell, Lucia Ames Mead, Jane Addams, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, and Luisa Capetillo. By providing exciting new insights into the work of these early women philosophers and introducing the next generation of women who shared the same ideals and influences, Rogers deftly elucidates the genealogy of women's thought as it developed across North America.

Presidential Rhetoric on Terrorism under Bush, Obama and Trump (eBook)

Through the analysis of eighteen years of presidential data, this book shows how Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump have conducted and framed the war on terror since its inception in 2001. Examining all presidential speeches about terrorism from George W. Bush's two terms as President, Barack Obama's two terms as President, and Donald Trump's first year as President, this book is the first to compare the three post-9/11 presidents in how they have dealt with the terror threat. Presidential Rhetoric on Terrorism under Bush, Obama, and Trump argues that when policies need to be "sold" to the public and Congress, presidents make their pertinent issues seem urgent through frequent speech-making and threat inflation. It further illustrates how after policies are sold, a new President's reticence may signify quiet acceptance of the old regime's approach. After examining the conduct of the war on terror to date, it concludes by posing policy suggestions for the future.

Brazil's Revolution in Commerce (eBook)

James P. Woodard's history of consumer capitalism in Brazil, today the world's fifth most populous country, is at once magisterial, intimate, and penetrating enough to serve as a history of modern Brazil itself. It tells how a new economic outlook took hold over the course of the twentieth century, a time when the United States became Brazil's most important trading partner and the tastemaker of its better-heeled citizens. In a cultural entangling with the United States, Brazilians saw Chevrolets and Fords replace horse-drawn carriages, railroads lose to a mania for cheap automobile roads, and the fabric of everyday existence rewoven as commerce reached into the deepest spheres of family life. The United States loomed large in this economic transformation, but American consumer culture was not merely imposed on Brazilians. By the seventies, many elements once thought of as American had slipped their exotic traces and become Brazilian, and this process illuminates how the culture of consumer capitalism became a more genuinely transnational and globalized phenomenon. This commercial and cultural turn is the great untold story of Brazil's twentieth century, and one key to its twenty-first.

Navigating Media Literacy (eBook)

Navigating Media Literacy: A Pedagogical Tour of Disneylandis, an education playbook applied to the vast mediated universe of Disney. Readers of all ages can critically apply media literacy principles while still conscientiously participating as consumer-citizens, media creators, and agents of change. Media literacy is defined throughout this book as an instructional method rather than a political movement. The book counterbalances the frequently myopic critiques of cultural scholars and the critical exemption granted by those across the world who find Disney to be a source of great pleasure. Integrated theory and practical examples allow readers to investigate of themselves and draw their own conclusions based on real inquisitive, observatory, and creative experiences that constitute media literacy (access, analyze, evaluate, create, reflect and act). Each chapter is ideologically mapped to an actual physical realm of Disneyland (e.g., Main Street, USA; Adventureland; Tomorrowland; Frontierland; Fantasyland). Each site provides a pedagogical playground for experimenting with each media literacy concept (e.g., context, audience, language, ownership, representation). The reader will come away with a deeper pedagogical understanding of how to cultivate media literacy using any context or subject--not just Disney. Each chapter includes discursive excerpts from students, along with assignments, discussion prompts, and classroom exercises, making it a valuable resource as a classroom textbook. Perfect for courses such as: Media Literacy | Communication and Media Arts | Film Studies | Media History | Transmedia Studies | Business | Marketing

International Handbook of Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices (eBook)

This international handbook provides a sophisticated re-examination of self-study of teaching and teacher education practices research 16 years after the publication of the first edition by Springer (2004). Through six sections, it offers an extensive international review of research and practices by examining critical issues in the self-study field today. They are: (1) Foundations of Self-Study, (2) Self-Study Methods and Methodologies, (3) Self-Study and Teaching and Teacher Education for Social Justice, (4) Self-Study Across Subject Disciplines, (5) Self-Study in Teacher Education and Beyond, and (6) Self-Study across Cultures and Languages. Exemplars, including many recent studies, illustrate the impact of this well-established research movement in teacher education in the English-speaking world and internationally. Readers of the handbook will benefit from a comprehensive review of the field of self-study that is accessible to a range of readers; theoretically and methodologically rich; highly practical to both novices and experienced practitioners; and offers a vision for self-study internationally over the next two decades.

Death and the maiden : the curious relationship between the fear of the feminine and the fear of death (eBook)

"Belief in an immortal soul and in salvation has a paradoxically negative impact on perceptions of the archetypal feminine in myth, religious scripture, and philosophy; this can be demonstrated using the lens of depth psychology. This book explores the idea from Ancient Egyptian times through the early Christian era"-- Provided by publisher.

Smoke but No Fire (eBook)

Rodricus Crawford was convicted and sentenced to die for the murder by suffocation of his beautiful baby boy. After years on death row, evidence confirmed what Crawford had claimed all along: he was innocent, and his son had died from an undiagnosed illness.  Crawford is not alone. A full one-third of all known exonerations stem from no-crime wrongful convictions. The first book to explore this common but previously undocumented type of wrongful conviction, Smoke but No Fire tells the heartbreaking stories of innocent people convicted of crimes that simply never happened. A suicide is mislabeled a homicide. An accidental fire is mislabeled an arson. Corrupt police plant drugs on an innocent suspect.  A false allegation of assault is invented to resolve a custody dispute. With this book, former New York City public defender Jessica S. Henry sheds essential light on a deeply flawed criminal justice system that allows--even encourages--these convictions to regularly occur. Smoke but No Fire promises to be eye-opening reading for legal professionals, students, activists, and the general public alike as it grapples with the chilling reality that far too many innocent people spend real years behind bars for fictional crimes.  

Recent developments in mechatronics and intelligent robotics : proceedings of ICMIR 2019 (eBook)

This book gathers selected papers presented at the Third International Conference on Mechatronics and Intelligent Robotics (ICMIR 2019), held in Kunming, China, on May 25-26, 2019. The proceedings cover new findings in the following areas of research: mechatronics, intelligent mechatronics, robotics and biomimetics; novel and unconventional mechatronic systems; modeling and control of mechatronic systems; elements, structures and mechanisms of micro- and nano-systems; sensors, wireless sensor networks and multi-sensor data fusion; biomedical and rehabilitation engineering, prosthetics and artificial organs; artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks and fuzzy logic in mechatronics and robotics; industrial automation, process control and networked control systems; telerobotics and human-computer interaction; human-robot interaction; robotics and artificial intelligence; bio-inspired robotics; control algorithms and control systems; design theories and principles; evolutional robotics; field robotics; force sensors, accelerometers and other measuring devices; healthcare robotics; kinematics and dynamics analysis; manufacturing robotics; mathematical and computational methodologies in robotics; medical robotics; parallel robots and manipulators; robotic cognition and emotion; robotic perception and decisions; sensor integration, fusion and perception; and social robotics.

Roger II of Sicily

Roger II (c. 1095-1154), Sicily's first king, was an anomaly for his time. An ambitious new ruler who lacked the distinguished lineage so prized by the nobility, and a leader of an extraordinarily diverse population on the fringes of Europe, he occupied a unique space in the continent's charged political landscape. This interdisciplinary study examines the strategies that Roger used to legitimize his authority, including his relationships with contemporary rulers, the familial connections that he established through no less than three marriages, and his devotion to the Church and Saint Nicholas of Myra/Bari. Yet while Roger and his family made the most of their geographic and cultural contexts, it is convincingly argued here that they nonetheless retained a strong western focus, and that behind the diverse melange of Norman Sicily were very occidental interests. Drawing together sources of political, social, and religious history from locations as disparate as Spain and the Byzantine Empire, as well as evidence from the magnificent churches and elaborate mosaics constructed during his reign, this volume offers a fascinating portrait of a figure whose rule was characterized both by great potential and devastating tragedy. Indeed, had Roger been able to accomplish his ambitious agenda, the history of the medieval Mediterranean world would have unfolded very differently.

The Power of Presence (eBook)

The Power of Presence: A Guide to Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood is written for today's educators who feel pressured by unrealistic demands, are overwhelmed by the daily chaos of early childhood teaching, and seek to find peace in their classrooms. * Find and foster your own awareness * Cultivate and encourage mindfulness practices in your classroom * Nurture mindfulness, openness, curiosity, and calm throughout the day * Create an inclusive classroom that accepts and encourages all children A more peaceful, present learning environment will help children to reclaim their safe, joyful, confident, and competent approach to learning. The adults in the children's lives, whether families or educators, will also thrive in this mindful approach with more patience, focus, and confidence. Together, they'll be able to breathe in blue skies and reach new heights of learning.

Optimizing Project Management (eBook)

This hands-on guide is written for project professionals seeking to find an optimized way of performing project management. It provides answers to such critical questions as: Why should an organization apply project management? What is the value of project management in the broader context of an organization? Is project management as successful as some advocates suggested or is it a waste of time and resources because of the many extensive and bureaucratic processes? Which project management approach should our project team adopt: predictive or adaptive, waterfall or rolling water, extreme programming or Scrum? This book aims to provide an optimized view of project management by balancing and blending competing methodologies (e.g., traditional versus Agile), lengthy methodologies and broad principles, processes and practices, and the need to understand versus the need to apply. It includes project management templates, an integrated case study illustrating how to apply tools and concepts, and a glossary of key terms. Optimizing Project Management is for both aspiring and practicing project management professionals. It covers the core concepts, practices, and skills that are useful for developing new ideas, planning activities, implementing projects, and conducting planning and controlling of schedule, budget, and scope. The text is particularly useful for students, project professionals wanting to refresh their knowledge, and those pursuing project management certifications. This book is aligned with common project management standards such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge and the ISO 21502: Project, Programme and Portfolio Management -- Guidance on Project Management.

Impacts of Sex Crime Laws on the Female Partners of Convicted Offenders (eBook)

This work is an exploratory examination of the experiences, motivations, and coping mechanisms of women who are involved in intimate relationships with registered sexual offenders. The study focuses  both on women who were involved with an offender prior to the commission of his offense and who stayed with him post-conviction, and on women who became involved with a registered offender after his sex offense conviction. Like the offender himself, these women face a variety of challenges in responding to treatment of them by friends, family, the community, and the criminal justice system. Utilizing the results of intensive interviews, this work provides a unique look at the women who are one of the few sources of support for registered sexual offenders and assesses the effectiveness and wide-ranging implications of community notification and registration laws on public safety, policy, and practice. This work offers alternative approaches based on evidence and case studies and considers the significance of familial contact in buffering sexual recidivism. These women are the heretofore unstudied victims of sexual offending legislation. This book is essential reading for those in sociology, criminology, psychology, and social work. For undergraduate or graduate students, practitioners, researchers, or policy makers, this thought-provoking book will shed light on how to optimize the reintegration of sex offenders. It assesses the effectiveness and wide-ranging implications of sex offender legislation on public safety, policy, and practice and considers alternative approaches to reduce sexual violence.

Eudaimonia (eBook)

Eudaimonia: Perspectives for Music Learning asserts the fertile applications of eudaimonia--an Aristotelian concept of human flourishing intended to explain the nature of a life well lived--for work in music learning and teaching in the 21st century. Drawing insights from within and beyond the field of music education, contributors reflect on what the "good life" means in music, highlighting issues at the core of the human experience and the heart of schooling and other educational settings. This pursuit of personal fulfillment through active engagement is considered in relation to music education as well as broader social, political, spiritual, psychological, and environmental contexts. Especially pertinent in today's complicated and contradictory world, Eudaimonia: Perspectives for Music Learning is a concise compendium on this oft-overlooked concept, providing musicians with an understanding of an ethically-guided and socially-meaningful music-learning paradigm.

L'énigme du massacre de Katyn : les preuves, la solution

French translation of the 2019 corrected edition of "The mystery of the Katyn Massacre"

Mor and me : life, language, and love in letters from Danmark

Sixty-one diaries and countless blue air letters tell the story of Ina's life, beginning at age 15, the occupation of her country, Denmark, by the Nazis; her postwar work with the interrogation of prisoners in Copenhagen and at the International Military Tribunal for War Crimes in Germany; a whirlwind courtship with an American; and her new life in the United States. After Ina dies, her four adult children yearn to know more about their mother's life pre-parenthood as well as their own childhoods. But the diaries and letters are all in Danish, and none of them can read or speak their mother's tongue. This book is the true story of one daughter who decides to live in Denmark and learn the language. A diarist and letter-writer like Mor (her mother), Lise emails family and friends with vivid, poignant, honest, and humorous descriptions of her outward and inward journeys through an unforgettable year and a half.

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