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Sprague Library Exhibits

The American Civil War - Spring 2012

The American Civil War Exhibit  consists of three subgroupings from left to right:

  1. Books dealing with the build-up to the war relating to slavery, abolitionism, and secessionism;
  2. Books about famous generals and major battles;
  3. Books about the aftermath and legacy of the war, as well as related matters like President Lincoln, women's roles, nurses, and international aspects.

Curated by Thomas Trone.

List of Exhibit Books

The appended bibliography is of the books used in the Exhibit.  Please use the library’s catalog to find books and other library materials pertaining to this topic.


The Library provides to American History in Video (streaming videos on American history)  Many videos can be found on the American Civil War in this archive.  Just a few are highlighted.

Internet Resources

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