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University Authors

The University Authors Recognition Program honors academic and creative works published by Montclair State University faculty, staff, and administrators.

University Authors 2023 Titles

The Nature of Endangerment in India : Tigers, 'Tribes', Extermination and Conservation, 1818-2020

Perhaps no category of people on earth has been perceived as more endangered, nor subjected to more conservation efforts, than indigenous peoples. And in India, calls for the conservation of Adivasi culture have often reached a fever pitch, especially amongst urban middle-class activists and global civil society groups. But are India's 'tribes' really endangered? Do they face extinction? And is this threat somehow comparable to the threat of extinction facing tigers and other wildlife? Combining years of fieldwork and archival research with rigorous theoretical interrogations, this book examines fears of interlinking biological and cultural (or biocultural) diversity loss-particularly in regard to Bhil and Gond communities facing conservation and development-induced displacement in western and central India. It also problematizes the frequent usage of dehumanizing animal analogies that carelessly equate the fates of endangered species and societies. In doing so, it offers a global intellectual history of the concepts of endangerment and extinction, demonstrating that anxieties over tribal extinction existed long before there was even scientific awareness of the extinction of non-human species. The book is not a history or an ethnography of the tribes of India, but rather a history of discourses-including Adivasis' own-about what is often perceived to be the fundamental question for nearly all indigenous peoples in the modern world: the question of survival.

American Democracy Now (8th edition)

"American Democracy Now engages students in American politics through relevant content and supportive digital tools that enrich and reinforce learning. Accessible to students at all levels, the narrative is brought to life through compelling features, such as rich visuals and graphics and the Then, Now, Next framework, helping students gain a comprehensive understanding of American government yesterday, today, and through development of critical thinking skills, tomorrow"-- Provided by publisher.

Breaking Point

This book informs the public for the first time about the impact of American psychiatry on soldiers during World War II. Breaking Point is the first in-depth history of American psychiatry in World War II. Drawn from unpublished primary documents, oral histories, and the author's personal interviews and correspondence over years with key psychiatric and military policymakers, it begins with Franklin Roosevelt's endorsement of a universal Selective Service psychiatric examination followed by Army and Navy pre- and post-induction examinations. Ultimately, 2.5 million men and women were rejected or discharged from military service on neuropsychiatric grounds. Never before or since has the United States engaged in such a program. In designing Selective Service Medical Circular No. 1, psychiatrist Harry Stack Sullivan assumed psychiatrists could predict who might break down or falter in military service or even in civilian life thereafter. While many American and European psychiatrists questioned this belief, and huge numbers of American psychiatric casualties soon raised questions about screening's validity, psychiatric and military leaders persisted in 1942 and 1943 in endorsing ever tougher screening and little else. Soon, families complained of fathers and teens being drafted instead of being identified as psychiatric 4Fs, and Blacks and Native Americans, among others, complained of bias. A frustrated General George S. Patton famously slapped two "malingering" neuropsychiatric patients in Sicily (a sentiment shared by Marshall and Eisenhower, though they favored a tamer style). Yet psychiatric rejections, evacuations, and discharges mounted. While psychiatrist Roy Grinker and a few others treated soldiers close to the front in Tunisia in early 1943, this was the exception. But as demand for manpower soared and psychiatrists finally went to the field and saw that combat itself, not "predisposition," precipitated breakdown, leading military psychiatrists switched their emphasis from screening to prevention and treatment. But this switch was too little too late and slowed by a year-long series of Inspector General investigations even while numbers of psychiatric casualties soared. Ironically, despite and even partly because of psychiatrists' wartime performance, plus the emotional toll of war, postwar America soon witnessed a dramatic growth in numbers, popularity, and influence of the profession, culminating in the National Mental Health Act (1946). But veterans with "PTSD," not recognized until 1980, were largely neglected.

The Fashion Reader

In The Fashion Reader, Linda Welters and Abby Lillethun have selected 76 influential articles to offer insight into the critical theories and conversations that surround this huge international industry. Many of the essays are drawn from books, journals, magazines, and exhibition catalogues, bringing together new and established concepts to offer a solid grounding in the history, business and culture of fashion. Fourteen of the chapters were written expressly for this edition. For added context, each of the fifteen parts has an introduction from the editors, guiding you through the interdisciplinary world of fashion studies, and each part concludes with suggestions for further reading. This third edition has been substantially revised to highlight issues of sustainability, identity, the body, as well as global perspectives from "The Commodification of Ethnicity" to "The Cultural Heritage of Tattooing."

Disability Studies and the Inclusive Classroom

Disability Studies and the Inclusive Classroom integrates knowledge and practice from the fields of disability studies and special education to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of inclusive education. Now in its third edition, this critical volume has been revised and updated to include expanded discussion of disability models and contemporary perspectives on disability. Each chapter features a dilemma to capture the complexities of the field of educational practice to inspire critical thinking and contemplation of inclusive education.

Tech / Know / Future / From Slang to Structure

Exhibition catalogue for Tech/Know/Future/ From Slang to Structure, Fall 2021 exhibit at Montclair State University Galleries, New Jersey. Guest curated by Tom Leeser and featuring Morehshin Allahyari, Salome Asega, Nancy Baker Cahill, Stephanie Dinkins, Carla Gannis, Taehee Kim, LoVid, Amelia Marzec, Olivia Mole, Sondra Perry, and Casey Reas.  The exhibit was on display from September 14 - December 11, 2021.

Survivor Criminology

Survivor Criminology: A Radical Act of Hope is a trauma-informed approach to the study of crime and justice that stems from the lived experiences of crime survivors. The chapters within this volume explore our authors' who have each had close personal encounters with violence and death, as well as institutionalized oppressions based on racism, heterosexism, sexism, and poverty. As scholars, professors, practitioners, and students in the field, these lived experiences with crime and criminal justice have shaped their research, teaching, and advocacy work. Their voices represent experiences that are intersectional, mult-igenerational, global, trauma-informed and resiliency focused. They are deliberately and decidedly anti-racist, and their experiences acknowledge the harm that has resulted from institutionalized and structural trauma. Most importantly, their stories are grounded in their lived experiences. This volume offers survivor criminology as a radical act of hope. Our hope comes from the belief that a trauma-centered approach to crime, justice, and healing provides the opportunity for criminology to expand its theoretical and methodological roots. We see this work as transformative for the discipline - for students, scholars, members of the community, and policy-makers.

Dreams of a Lifetime

How social status shapes our dreams of the future and inhibits the lives we envision for ourselves Most of us understand that a person's place in society can close doors to opportunity, but anything is possible when we dream about what might be, or so we think. Dreams of a Lifetime reveals that what and how we dream--and whether we believe our dreams can actually come true--are tied to our social class, gender, race, age, and life events. Karen Cerulo and Janet Ruane argue that our social location shapes the seemingly private and unique life of our minds. We are all free to dream about possibilities, but not all dreamers are equal. Cerulo and Ruane show how our social position ingrains itself on our mind's eye, quietly influencing the nature of our dreams, whether we embrace dreaming or dream at all, and whether we believe that our dreams, from the attainable to the improbable, can become realities. They explore how inequalities stemming from social disadvantages pattern our dreams for ourselves, and how sociocultural disparities in how we dream exacerbate social inequalities and limit the life paths we believe are open to us. Drawing on a wealth of original interviews with people from diverse social backgrounds, Dreams of a Lifetime demonstrates how the study of our dreams can provide new avenues for understanding and combatting inequality--including inequalities that precede action or outcome.

Heimat and Migration : Reimagining the Regional and the Global in the Twenty-First Century

Discourses of Heimat and of migration both negotiate questions of identity, belonging, and integration; moreover, despite the reemergence of right-wing, racist, and exclusionary uses of the term Heimat, there are in fact more recent German-language cultural texts that problematize and challenge a view of Heimat as a community that excludes the Other than there are promulgating it. This volume addresses the parallel proliferation of discourses of Heimat and of migration in contemporary German-language culture and demonstrates that the entanglement of migration and Heimat can be productive: it can help us to reframe what it means to have a home, to lose one, find one, or belong to one.

The Curator's Notes

A gorgeously deft book, The Curator's Notes dares to question the Edenic. It asks, why not take the knowledge at hand hanging like "plump, purple orbs...begging to be eaten..."? And what can we grow with states of paradise being ever fleeting? This curator is a custodian of both specific and collective heritage, connecting daughter to mother to grandmother to wife to husband to the backyard garden to that garden of old where, as in the womb, knowing is limited and inevitable. In her sensual and tender book, Robin Rosen Chang has taken care to graciously offer us lyrics that swirl around and beyond our expectations until we accept both the churning waters and the radiant flight of circling birds as part of the story of life moving all too swiftly with and ultimately toward "the loam -/sand, silt, and clay." -Vievee Francis

Overcoming the Educational Resource Equity Gap

State school finance formula cause funding inadequacy, allocative inefficiency, and educational resource equity gaps. Legislative and court-ordered remedies have failed to solve the disparities among schools and districts. This book's ground-breaking innovation shows how to shift the public education finance paradigm to fund K-12 public education properly, fully, and equitably by eliminating the duplicative and unnecessary layer of county government nationwide and repurposing those tax dollars while implementing economies of scale to achieve allocative efficiency.

Inequality and Violence in the United States

The second edition of Inequality and Violence in the United States: Casualties of Capitalism (2004) won the Best Book of the Year award from the Marxist Section of the American Sociological Association. In the third edition, Dr. Chasin updates and expands the previous material, discussing the significance of the COVID-19 pandemic, the opioid crisis, access to firearms, and white supremacist movements. Written in a readable, accessible style, this book is a thoroughly documented account of the importance of connecting economic and political inequalities to dangers people face. The book emphasizes the importance of recognizing both structural and organizational violence, as well as discussing forms of interpersonal violence. Chasin analyzes relationships between social class, race/ethnicity, gender, and the three forms of violence.

Distracted from Meaning : A Philosophy of Smartphones

When our smartphones distract us, much more is at stake than a momentary lapse of attention. Our use of smartphones can interfere with the building-blocks of meaningfulness and the actions that shape our self-identity. By analyzing social interactions and evolving experiences, Roholt reveals the mechanisms of smartphone-distraction that impact our meaningful projects and activities. Roholt's conception of meaning in life draws from a disparate group of philosophers - Susan Wolf, John Dewey, Hubert Dreyfus, Martin Heidegger, and Albert Borgmann. Central to Roholt's argument are what Borgmann calls focal practices: dinners with friends, running, a college seminar, attending sporting events. As a recurring example, Roholt develops the classification of musical instruments as focal things, contending that musical performance can be fruitfully understood as a focal practice. Through this exploration of what generates meaning in life, Roholt makes us rethink the place we allow smartphones to occupy in the everyday. But he remains cautiously optimistic. This thoughtful, needed interrogation of smartphones shows how we can establish a positive role for technologies within our lives.

What Kind of Scientist Can a Girl Be?

This timely book teaches that yes, a girl can be any kind of scientist. A glossary provides information about various types of scientists and examples of what they study, references for additional reading, and the names and accomplishments of women in science.

Recent Advances in Mechanics and Fluid-Structure Interaction with Applications

This volume examines current research in mechanics and its applications to various disciplines, with a particular focus on fluid-structure interaction (FSI). The topics have been chosen in commemoration of Dr. Bong Jae Chung and with respect to his wide range of research interests. This volume stands apart because of this diversity of interests, featuring an interdisciplinary and in-depth analysis of FSI that is difficult to find conveniently collected elsewhere in the literature. Contributors include mathematicians, physicists, mechanical and biomechanical engineers, and psychologists. This volume is structured into four thematic areas in order to increase its accessibility: theory, computations, experiments, and applications. Recent Advances in Mechanics and Fluid-Structure Interaction with Applications will appeal to established researchers as well as postdocs and graduate students interested in this active area of research.

Developing Issues in World Music Therapy Education and Training

The chapters in this current book reflect current and/or necessary changes in music therapy training that come about because of history, society, economy, generational shifts and the workplace. Although the subject matter is these chapters may appear disparate, it is not. The subject matter invites comparison in the following ways: 1) questions the nature of music therapy itself; 2) examines challenges to education and training; 3) suggests critical thinking (vs repetition or repackaging of information) for students, educators, clinicians, researchers and supervisors in the field of music therapy; 4) respects the past but looks to the future; 5) offers perspective from others in the field through such vehicles as surveys, interviews and/or reviews of literature. Part I is titled 'New Frameworks and Content for Music Therapy Education and Training' Part II of the book, 'Online Formats for Music Therapy Education and Training' offers two chapters which have become increasingly urgent information due to the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic throughout the world (March 2020), now in its third year, coupled with the explosion of technological resources and demand for online and hybrid learning. Part III of the book, 'Inclusivity in Music Therapy Education and Training,' presents two vital chapters to remind educators of pressing issues. Part IV of the book, 'Professional Opportunities in Music Therapy Education, Training and Development,' present four uniquely different chapters, yet each focuses on opportunities that any student or educator should consider. Part V, 'Ongoing issues and Possibilities in Music Therapy Education and Training,' considers two more developing topics in the field. Readers will enjoy and profit from this book, reflecting on how to continue to move on in music therapy education and training.

Digital Literacy : Skills & Strategies

Aims to introduce users to explanations of cutting-edge, as well as everyday, technology, explaining these technologies and their primary elements through clear prose informed by expert analysis.

Our Bodies Tell the Story

Our Bodies Tell the Story: Using Feminist Research and Friendship to Reimagine Education and Our Lives asks (and answers) a number of critical questions that are key to improving our educational system. How can we use our embodied stories to navigate and disrupt how schools and society reproduce the patriarchy and heteronormativity within our institutions of learning? How do we transgress oppressive boundaries (boundaries cultivated by the patriarchy that have been perpetuated at home, within school, outside of school, in university settings, and in communities) that permit our dehumanization and exclusion? As teachers, professors, and teacher educators, how do we navigate our students' trauma when we are navigating the re-ignition of our own? This book sets out to tell the story of how the authors have tried to answer these questions in their lives and work. It is the story of a friendship, a partnership, a narrative retelling of their "becoming" as girls, teenagers, women, teachers, wives, daughters, scholars, and mothers. From the earliest memories of their gendered and sexualized childhoods to the present navigation of sexism, heteronormativity, and trauma in the context of teaching and schools, these stories reside in their bodies. They recall, construct, and reexamine, emerging from their dialogues--from talking face-to-face, to email, to FB messenger, poetry, and text. Our Bodies Tell the Storycenters around the co/autoethnography of personal narratives, stories, and a kind of survival testimonies, the ways in which the authors bore witness to each other's lives. The book extensively uses co/autoethnography as a self-study feminist research methodology that takes autoethnography, "a form of self-representation that complicates cultural norms by seeing autobiography as implicated in larger cultural processes" (Taylor & Coia, 2006, p. 278) and moves it beyond the singular to the plural. Using this methodology enables the authors to interweave their stories through dialogue, so that validity, insight, and analysis all emerge in the text. The book investigates the self within the social context of personal relationships, as well as the larger society. Creating a co/autoethnography is a rich, multi-layered endeavor because it is not conducted in a vacuum. As such, it is an important book for faculty and researchers involved in a number of disciplines, including auto/ethnographic research, gender studies, women's studies, feminist studies, qualitative research and many other areas of study. 

Virginia Woolf

After one hundred years of modernism and with the centennial anniversaries of Woolf's Jacob's Room (1922) and Mrs. Dalloway (1925), Virginia Woolf is more popular and vital than ever. The current social and political climate fosters a new appreciation for Woolf's writings, in particular her critiques of social marginalization, gender identities, queerness, and sexual cultures. This volume offers these valuable and necessary conversations in language that is accessible and yet scholarly.

School Leadership in a Diverse Society

With the increasing amount of diversity taking place in the United States and in our K-12 schools, this book will help school leaders become prepared. It is the school principal who sets the tone for the school culture and provides the vision as to the direction of the organization. Therefore, school principals will ultimately have a great impact in promoting cultural and social diversity. School Leadership in a Diverse Society: Helping Schools Prepare all Students for Success (2nd Edition) will help scholars and practitioners have a better understanding of the increasing amount of diversity that is occurring in American society. This book will give them the tools needed to lead schools to ensure that all students, regardless of their life circumstances and status, are provided a school experience that promotes high academic achievement and a sense of belonging. Today, multiculturalism and diversity preparation are needed in our society, seemingly more so than when schools first made an earnest effort to integrate twenty years after Brown V. Board of Education. Just as it seemed the United States was making significant progress dealing with issues that have plagued this country for hundreds of years, recently, there has been a surge in diversity-related issues (the killing of unarmed African Americans, the unwarranted attacks on Asians, immigration debates, the recent rise of groups that support white supremacy, blackface incidents, increasing wealth divide between the ultra rich and the poor, religious backlash, etc.). These issues should remind us that the struggle for social equity continues into the present moment. Communities must work together to help fight rising intolerance and prejudice within our country and schools.

Kruscev mentì : la dimostrazione che tutte le "rivelazioni" sui "crimini" di Stalin (e di Beria) contenute nel famigerato "Rapporto segreto" di Nikita Kruscev al XX Congresso del Partito Comunista dell'Unione Sovietica Il 25 febbraio 1956 sono false

Italian translation of: Khrushchev lied, the evidence that every "revelation" of Stalin's (and Beria's) "crimes" in Nikita Khrushchev's infamous "secret speech" to the 20th party congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on February 25, 1956, is provably false

L'inganno del "testamento di Lenin" : basato sulle ricerche di Valentin A. Sakharov con capitoli sulle falsificazioni di Moshe Lewin e sulle bugie di Leon Trotsky

Italian translation of: The fraud of the "testament of Lenin", based on the research of Valentin A. Sakharov, with chapters on Moshe Lewin's falsifications and Leon Trotsky's lies

The Handbook of Speech Perception

A wide-ranging and authoritative volume exploring contemporary perceptual research on speech, updated with new original essays by leading researchers Speech perception is a dynamic area of study that encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, including cognitive neuroscience, phonetics, linguistics, physiology and biophysics, auditory and speech science, and experimental psychology. The Handbook of Speech Perception, Second Edition, is a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of technical and theoretical developments in perceptual research on human speech. Offering a variety of perspectives on the perception of spoken language, this volume provides original essays by leading researchers on the major issues and most recent findings in the field. Each chapter provides an informed and critical survey, including a summary of current research and debate, clear examples and research findings, and discussion of anticipated advances and potential research directions. The timely second edition of this valuable resource: Discusses a uniquely broad range of both foundational and emerging issues in the field Surveys the major areas of the field of human speech perception Features newly commissioned essays on the relation between speech perception and reading, features in speech perception and lexical access, perceptual identification of individual talkers, and perceptual learning of accented speech Includes essential revisions of many chapters original to the first edition Offers critical introductions to recent research literature and leading field developments Encourages the development of multidisciplinary research on speech perception Provides readers with clear understanding of the aims, methods, challenges, and prospects for advances in the field The Handbook of Speech Perception, Second Edition, is ideal for both specialists and non-specialists throughout the research community looking for a comprehensive view of the latest technical and theoretical accomplishments in the field.

Places and Purposes of Popular Music Education : Perspectives from the Field

An array of diverse perspectives regarding the what and the why of popular music education. This book provides a variety of perspectives on popular music education. With a mixture of rants, manifestos, and punchy position pieces, the volume moves from scholarly essays replete with citations and references to descriptions of practice and straight-talking polemics. The writing is approachable in tone, and the chapters are intended to whet appetites, prime pumps, open eyes, and keep cogs turning for academics of all ages and stages. The book will appeal to those working in popular music studies, communication studies, and education research. It also holds relevance for researchers of the music industry and music ecosystems around the world. International in reach and scope and edited by recognized voices at the vanguard of progressive music education, this is an eye-opening exploration of education in and through the widespread cultural phenomenon of popular music.

Mapping Global Justice (eBook)

Persistent international conflicts, increasing inequality in many regions or the world, and acute environmental and climate-related threats to humanity call for a better understanding of the processes, actors and tools available to face the challenges of achieving global justice. This book offers a broad and multidisciplinary survey of global justice, bridging the gap between theory and practice by connecting conceptual frameworks with a panoply of case studies and an in-depth discussion of practical challenges. Connecting these critical aspects to larger moral and ethical debates is essential for thinking about large, abstract ideas and applying them directly to specific contexts. Core content includes: Key debates in global justice from across philosophy, postcolonial studies, political science, sociology and criminology The origins of global justice and the development of the human rights agenda; peacekeeping and post-conflict studies Global poverty and sustainable development Global security and transnational crime Environmental justice, public health and well-being Rather than providing a blueprint for the practice of global justice, this text problematizes efforts to cope with many justice related issues. The pedagogical approach is designed to map the difficulties that exist between theory and praxis, encourage critical thinking and fuel debates to help seek alternative solutions. Bringing together perspectives from a wealth of disciplines, this book is essential reading for courses on global justice across criminology, sociology, political science, anthropology, philosophy and law.

International Justice : A Critical and Comprehensive Introduction

This textbook introduces students to think and write critically against the backdrop of a broad theoretical and empirical foundation of the concept of international justice. It brings together several global and transnational issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. It exposes students to a wide range of political, economic, social and cultural problems across different world regions, including migration, climate change, mass violence, and pandemics. Thanks to this book, students learn to apply different theoretical frameworks, such as environmentalism or feminism, to analyze and better understand the interconnectedness and the transnational character of these global justice-related problems across societies and cultures.

Philosophy of Education : Modern and Contemporary Ideas at Play

"Philosophy of Education: Modern and Contemporary Ideas at Play offers a space of questioning and imagination where students are asked to suspend what they think they have come to know and think critically, imaginatively, and playfully about the status quo. Future teachers are given an opportunity to analyze assumptions, speculate as to alternatives, and cultivate a comprehensive sense of the relationships between all aspects of schooling. Educational philosophy provides the skills needed to play with ideas. "-- provided by publisher

Democracy and Deliberation : The Law and Politics of Sex Offender Legislation

Sex offender laws include residency restrictions, registration and notification requirements, and post-conviction civil commitment. These laws and regulations impose serious restrictions on the movements of convicted sex offenders. This is controversial because these laws and regulations occur after the sex offender has completed his time in prison. These laws and regulations are intended to have both a deterrent and therapeutic effect. Residency restrictions seek to prevent sex offenders from re-committing their crimes and civil commitment provides psychological services while incarcerated in a forensic facility. Most works on this subject are deeply critical of these laws. Cary Federman takes a more sympathetic approach to sex offender legislation. He focuses on the deliberative intentions of legislators, exploring the limits of judicial review and the rights of interested parties to influence lawmaking. Leaders of these interested parties are usually the parents of children who have been sexually violated and murdered. Critics of sex offender legislation tend to focus on the convicted parties, arguing that their rights have been violated. The Law and Politics of Sex Offender Legislation asserts that these laws are expressions of the deliberative intentions of lawmakers concerned about public safety-they are thus constitutional, if not always wise.

Milestones in Dance in the USA

"Embracing dramatic similarities, glaring disjunctions, and striking innovations, this book explores the history and context of dance on the land we know today as the United States of America. Designed for weekly use on dance history courses, it traces dance in the USA as it broke traditional forms, crossed genres, provoked social and political change, and drove cultural exchange and collision. The authors put a particular focus on those whose voices have been silenced, unacknowledged, and/or uncredited - exploring racial prejudice and injustice, intersectional feminism, protest movements, and economic conditions, as well as demonstrating how socio-political issues and movements affect and are affected by dance. In looking at concert dance, vernacular dance, ritual dance, and the convergence of these forms, the chapters acknowledge the richness of dance in today's USA and the strong foundations on which it stands. Milestones are a range of accessible textbooks, breaking down the need-to-know moments in the social, cultural, political and artistic development of foundational subject areas. This book is ideal for undergraduate courses that embrace culturally responsive pedagogy and seek to shift the direction of the lens from western theatrical dance to towards the wealth of dance forms in the United States"-- Provided by publisher

Artificial Intelligence of Things for Weather Forecasting and Climatic Behavioral Analysis

Weather forecasting and climate behavioral analysis have traditionally been done using complicated physics models and accompanying atmospheric variables. However, the traditional approaches lack common tools, which can lead to incomplete information about the weather and climate conditions, in turn affecting the prediction accuracy rate. To address these problems, the advanced technological aspects through the spectrum of artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) models serve as a budding solution. Further study on artificial intelligence of things and how it can be utilized to improve weather forecasting and climatic behavioral analysis is crucial to appropriately employ the technology. Artificial Intelligence of Things for Weather Forecasting and Climatic Behavioral Analysis discusses practical applications of artificial intelligence of things for interpretation of weather patterns and how weather information can be used to make critical decisions about harvesting, aviation, etc. This book also considers artificial intelligence of things issues such as managing natural disasters that impact the lives of millions. Covering topics such as deep learning, remote sensing, and meteorological applications, this reference work is ideal for data scientists, industry professionals, researchers, academicians, scholars, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Treating Contemporary Families

Linking research with clinical practice, this text shows therapists how to do evidence-based practice when treating contemporary families. Today's families are diverse and complex, and their problems do not always improve when treatment focuses on addressing a diagnosis. To achieve successful, lasting change, therapists must help families change their patterns of interaction. This book examines several common interactional challenges that contemporary families face, such as co-parenting, divorce, intimate partner violence, blending families, and loss and bereavement. Contributors examine research on each challenge alongside research on various diverse family types, and offer targeted interventions for each family type. With its strong emphasis on inclusion, social justice, and evidence-based practice, this book will help clinicians work with today's diverse families in effective, empathic, and culturally responsive ways.

Pop Culture, Politics, and the News

In Pop Culture, Politics, and the News, Joel Penney explores how pop culture news has taken on an important role in contemporary political discourse. Through coverage of topics like Hollywood diversity, celebrity controversy, and "cancel culture" backlash, entertainment journalism has emerged as a key source of political information and commentary, providing audiences with an accessible lens into some of the most hot-button issues of our time. Yet due to the "clickbait" economics of the polarized digital news business, the quality of entertainment journalism is often compromised, and consequently, people view pop culture coverage as "soft news" with little substance or public value. Very little is known about how this journalism is produced and consumed as a component of the digital news ecosystem. Moreover, we lack a measured sense of its potential impact on the political interests and knowledge of its audiences, the politics of the entertainment industry it covers, and the shape of public debate more broadly. Drawing on interviews with entertainment journalists and testimonials from news audiences who share these stories on social media, Joel Penney argues for the importance of reframing our understanding of impactful journalism and persuasive political communication when culture and identity have moved thoroughly to the center of U.S. public discourse. Moreover, Penney examines how audiences engage with this highly accessible and emotionally resonant form of journalism and use it as a resource for political expression and discussion, raising important questions about how it can serve as a bridge to public issue engagement as well as a potential distraction from on-the-ground political concerns. As a cutting-edge, data-rich analysis of the blurring boundaries between entertainment, politics, social media activism, and partisan journalism, Pop Culture, Politics, and the News makes a major contribution to public scholarship on the shifting digital information landscape.

Preventing Child Maltreatment in the U. S. : the Latinx Community Perspective

This book is part of a concentrated series of books that examines child maltreatment across cultural groups.  Specifically, this volume examines core concepts relevant to Latinx families (e.g., familismo, acculturation, spirituality, oppression) as they relate to child maltreatment in the United States. While there are vast differences across Latinx families, authors use critical race and feminist theories to explore the impact of differences based on gender, race, immigration status, and country of origin. The book begins by contextualizing child maltreatment in Latinx families within the pervasive structural racism and inequality in the United States and addressing unique traumas experienced by Latinx families resulting from that inequity. Subsequent chapters address prevention of child maltreatment, responses to maltreatment and healing from trauma with an emphasis on resilience within the Latinx community. Three case studies are used to illustrate and apply concepts from each chapter.     

Preventing Child Maltreatment in the U. S. : the Black Community Perspective

Child maltreatment occurs in the Black community at higher rates than any other racial group. Given the prevalence of child maltreatment risk factors in the Black community, such as being in a low-income family, single parent family, greater exposure to physical discipline, and less access to services and resources, it is not surprising but nonetheless concerning that Black children are at greater risk for abuse and/or neglect. Unearthing the cause and effect between the challenges faced by the Black community and the life outcomes for Black children is key to making positive changes happen. Through a feminist and womanist lens, the authors unpack the range of factors that intersect and impact the Black community that are necessary to address to effectively protect Black children. Understanding how to prevent maltreatment and promote health and wellness are essential to adequately address maltreatment so as to protect and empower Black children.

Preventing Child Maltreatment in the U. S. : American Indian and Alaska Native Perspectives

This book is part of a concentrated series of books that examines child maltreatment across minoritized, cultural groups. Specifically, this volume addresses American Indian and Alaska Native populations. However, in an effort to contextualize the experiences of 574 federally recognized tribes and 50+ state recognized tribes, as well as villages, the authors focus on populations within rural and remote regions and discuss the experiences of some tribal communities throughout US history. It should be noted that established research has primarily drawn attention to the pervasive problems impacting Indigenous individuals, families, and communities. Aligned with an attempt to adhere to a decolonizing praxis, the authors share information in a strength-based framework for the Indigenous communities discussed within the text. The authors review federally funded programs (prevention, intervention, and treatment) that have been adapted for tribal communities (e.g., Safecare) and include cultural teachings that address child maltreatment. The intention of this book is to inform researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and advocates about the current state of child maltreatment from an Indigenous perspective.

Preventing Child Maltreatment in the U. S. : Multicultural Considerations

Preventing Child Maltreatment: Multicultural Considerations in the United States is the first book in a concentrated series that examines child maltreatment across minoritized, cultural groups.  Specifically, this volume examines core multicultural concepts (e.g., intersectionality, acculturation, spirituality, oppression) as they relate to child maltreatment in the United States, while the other books take a closer look at particular ethnic or racial communities in this country. Additionally, this book examines child maltreatment through the intersection of feminist, multicultural, and prevention/wellness promotion lenses.  Recommendations for treatment in each book build on a foundation of prevention and wellness promotion, along with multicultural and feminist theories. Throughout this book, five case studies, which are introduced in Chapter One, are revisited to help the readers make important and meaningful connections between theory and practice.

The Sociology of Bullying

An important new collection on the nature and consequences of bullying School shootings and suicides by young victims of bullying have spurred a proliferation of anti-bullying programs, yet most of the research done on school bullying has been from psychologists. The Sociology of Bullying will be the first volume to present the leading ideas in sociology about bullying among adolescents that moves beyond an individualistic approach and instead offers ideas about how to address bullying as a byproduct of social systems, biases, and status hierarchies. Sociologists investigate the impact of social forces on bullying among adolescents, such as inequality, heteronormativity, militarized capitalism, racism, cancel culture, power, and competition. Contributors explore a wide range of key topics, such as how homophobia and gender normativity encourage bullying; how anti-bullying curricula can ultimately lead to more bullying; and how adolescents use bullying against their friends to improve their own social standing. By advancing sociological perspectives on bullying, this important volume aims to shift the national conversation from one that focuses on villainizing bullies to one that encourages an inward look at the aspects of our culture that foster bullying behavior among children.

Architects of the Imaginary / Los arquitectos de lo imaginario

Translation of: Los arquitectos de lo imaginario

Black Fathering and Mental Health

This edited volume is the first work purposefully designed to amplify the voices of Black men in communicating their mental health needs and challenges while fathering in their families and communities. Dr. Michael Hannon has convened a group of Black fathers and aspiring fathers, who are also professional counselors, and they offer unique and untapped perspectives about the needs, challenges, and victories of Black fathering across the family life cycle in the context of an anti-Black world. In each chapter, the contributors offer counselors and other mental health professionals a resource to assist them in providing culturally relevant and responsive support to Black fathers at various points across the family life cycle and more comprehensively understand the circumstances that might prompt--and prevent--Black fathers to seek counseling support.

Leo Trotzkis Kollaboration mit Deutschland und Japan

Translation of: Leon Trotsky's collaboration with Germany and Japan, Trotsky's conspiracies, Volume Two

Interpreting Religion

This edited collection harnesses a diversity of interpretivist perspectives to provide a panoramic view of the production, experiences, contexts, and meanings of religion. Scholars from the US, South Asia and Europe explore religious phenomena using ethnographic, comparative historical, psychosocial, and critical theoretical approaches. Each chapter addresses foundational themes in the study of religion - from identity, discourse and power to ritual, emotion, and embodiment. Authors examine dynamic intersections of race, gender, history, and the present within the religious traditions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism, as well as among the non-religious.Cutting boldly across religious traditions and paradigms, the book investigates areas of harmony and contradiction across different interpretive lenses to achieve a richer understanding of the meanings of religion.

Islands in the Lake : Environment and Ethnohistory in Xochimilco, New Spain

Now notorious for its aridity and air pollution, Mexico City was once part of a flourishing lake environment. In nearby Xochimilco, Native Americans modified the lakes to fashion a distinctive and remarkably abundant aquatic society, one that provided a degree of ecological autonomy for local residents, enabling them to protect their communities' integrity, maintain their way of life, and preserve many aspects of their cultural heritage. While the area's ecology allowed for a wide array of socioeconomic and cultural continuities during colonial rule, demographic change came to affect the ecological basis of the lakes; pastoralism and new ways of using and modifying the lakes began to make a mark on the watery landscape and on the surrounding communities. In this fascinating study, Conway explores Xochimilco using native-language documents, which serve as a hallmark of this continuity and a means to trace patterns of change.

Educational Psychology and Transformational Classrooms

"Educational Psychology and Transformational Classrooms uniquely positions teachers transformational experiences as central to understanding and implementing educational psychology research. Across three well-developed case studies using narrative inquiry methods, this volume explores moments of significant change, learning, and evolution in teaching and learning. Each case is followed by analyses from educational psychologists focusing on the three central actors in the learning experience-students, teacher, and context-and is then concluded with case authors responses to the analyses provided. Showcasing the holistic experience of teaching before unpacking it with theory and research, this book centers classroom life and posits educational psychology as an ideal and accessible lens for its examination"-- Provided by publisher

Motherless Creations (eBook)

This book explains the elimination of maternal characters in American, British, French, and German literature before 1890 by examining motherless creations: Pygmalion's statue, Frankenstein's creature, homunculi, automata, androids, golems, and steam men. These beings typify what is now called artificial life, living systems made through manufactured means. Fantasies about creating life ex-utero were built upon misconceptions about how life began, sustaining pseudoscientific beliefs about the birthing body. Physicians, inventors, and authors of literature imagined generating life without women to control the process of reproduction and generate perfect progeny. Thus, some speculative fiction before 1890 belongs to the literary genealogy of transhumanism, the belief that technology will someday transform some humans into superior, immortal beings. Female motherless creations tend to operate as sexual companions. Male ones often emerge as subaltern figures analogous to enslaved beings, illustrating that reproductive rights inform readers' sense of who counts as human in fictions of artificial life.

The Fraud of the "Testament Of Lenin" : Based on the Research of Valentin A. Sakharov, with Chapters on Moshe Lewin's Falsifications and Leon Trotsky's Lies

"The canonical accounts of Lenin’s last writings accept the version that Lenin left a “testament” that included a number of negative remarks about Joseph Stalin, and that Lenin wished to remove Stalin from the position of General Secretary of the All-Union Communist Party (bolshevik). This version stems partly from Trotsky, who embraced it eagerly in his campaign to replace Stalin as Party leader; partly from Lenin’s wife Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya; and partly from Nikita Khrushchev and the Khrushchev-era fifth and last edition of Lenin’s works, the Polnoe Sobranie Sochinenii (“Complete Collection of Writings”), or PSS.
The present book is largely based on the research of Professor Valentin A. Sakharov of Moscow State University. His 2003 book, Lenin’s “Political Testament”, published by Moscow State University Press, is the result of years of access to and study of many of the archival copies of Lenin’s works, drafts of those works, and originals of other important documents related to the question of Lenin’s “testament.”
The present study draws the same conclusion: Lenin’s so-called “Testament” is a fraud. The present book includes chapters that examine the role in these falsehoods of Leon Trotsky and the errors and falsehoods in the book Lenin’s Last Struggle by the late historian Moshe Lewin, as well as individual chapters on the role of Lenin’s wife Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya and that of Lenin’s sister Maria Il’inichna Ulyanova."

SSD for R

Single-subject research designs have been used to build evidence to the effective treatment of problems across various disciplines including social work, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, allied health fields, juvenile justice, and special education. SSD for R serves as a guide for thosedesiring to conduct single-subject data analysis and introduces readers to the various functions available in SSD for R, a new, free, and innovative software package written in R--the open-source statistical programming language that was written by the book's authors.This second edition of SSD for R is the most comprehensive guide to the numerous graphing and charting functions for conducting robust visual analysis including line graphs and more complex standard deviation lines. This book also contains numerous tests of statistical significance, such as t-tests,chi-squares, and the conservative dual criteria. Auerbach and Zeitlin guide readers through the analytical process based on the characteristics of their data. In addition to presentations and assignments, this new edition contains more examples and illustrations to help readers understand the widerange of functions available in SSD for R and their application to data analysis and interpretation.SSD for R is the only book of its kind to describe single-subject data analysis while providing free statistical software to do so. For more instructional videos, blogs, and a growing community of researchers interested in single-subject designs, visit the authors' website:

Music Lesson Plans for Social Justice

Teaching Music for Social Justice offers a fresh, innovative approach to teaching general music. This book is a timely collection of lesson plans and units that artfully blend music making with relevant issues of social justice. Particularly accessible to middle and high school classroom musicteachers, it includes a companion website with links to all of the music listening and videos. Authors Lisa C. DeLorenzo and Marissa Silverman, accomplished music educators with extensive careers thinking about the relationship between music education and social justice, have composedstudent-centered lessons with thoughtful discussion prompts, experiences with diverse genres and styles of music, and technology-integrated music making projects that will activate students' creativity and empathy. Unit topics-ranging from "War" to "Climate Change"-include cross-disciplinary lessonswith the arts playing a central role in developing understanding. Well-researched introductory materials as well as "how-to" guides for topics, such as "composing in the classroom," make the text especially practical and approachable. This book is an essential resource, with ready-to-go lessons andclassroom materials. Music teachers will now have a unique, new lens for engaging students in purposeful music making toward social justice.

Emerging Realities and the Future of Technology in the Classroom

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on how much humans rely, more than ever before in our history, on technology. While technology in its simplest definition is the use of a tool for a practical purpose, in the last three decades, educators can confidently say it has revolutionized how information is communicated and accessed. Most importantly, educators who had to recently shift their classes online understood the important role of technology to stay connected and instruct students remotely. There are many different facets of technology in today's classrooms and ideas on where educators are headed in preparing their students for a technology-rich world. With new technologies being constantly developed and new scenarios rising to the surface in the educational environment, the future of technology in the classroom is widespread, consistently growing, and always advancing with more technological reliance. Emerging Realities and the Future of Technology in the Classroom provides an understanding on how technology is integrated into today's classroom and how institutions can be further informed of the importance of technology in today's world. This book examines a variety of pertinent topics that look at the present and future potential roles of technology in the classroom. While highlighting topics such as STEM in online education, leadership and technology, new instructional models in online learning, and gaming in education, this book is essential for teachers across all disciplines and in higher education and K-12, school administrators, principals, instructional designers, librarians, media specialists, educational software developers, educational technologists, IT specialists, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the current status of technology in the classroom and its potential role in education for the years ahead.

David Campbell : Story of a Career

"David Campbell: Story of a Career tells the story of an educator who taught communication during some of the most pivotal and innovative years of this discipline’s history: years of ingenuity and flourishing technological progress. When David Campbell began his teaching career in 1964, academia was just beginning to regard the discipline of speech as a separate discipline from English and theatre. At the time, innovations in technology and visual media were integrating into education, business, and leisure, thus prompting a major rethinking in terms of what a degree in “speech” should constitute. Over the next thirty five years, the disciplinary focus began to shift from performance to analysis, critique, and the use of electronic media such as television, motion picture, and eventually, the computer. During this span of time, Campbell had to keep up with all of these changes, and in doing so, paved a diverse, progressive career path that is exemplar of how the teaching of communication has evolved while the discipline grew. In addition to providing historical insight into the growth of communication as an academic subject, the book recounts the remarkable journey of an educator, providing examples of his service, creative scholarly activity, and a productive career in higher education. Through archived correspondence, photography, teaching materials, and interviews with colleagues, students, family, and friends of Campbell, this book pays tribute to an educator whose career began with teaching speech and acting and ended with web page design and digital video editing." --

A Dream's Destination

"How do we say goodbye to a place? Eight-year-old Ellen has already experienced the loss of her aunt and uncle and must now visit their home for the last time. To her surprise, an empty house can be full of rich memories. Ellen spends the day trying to find a trivial household object, but eventually forgets about her quest as recollections of her family become more and more vivid. This visual narrative addresses the often overlooked emotions that come with leaving a place that we've grown fond of. Following Ellen's journey with photographic illustrations, readers of all ages will learn that material possessions are only as special as the people and days they remind us of." --

Il mistero del massacro di Katyn : le prove, la soluzione

Italian translation of: "The mystery of the Katyn Massacre, the evidence, the solution"

Záhada masakry v Katyni

Slovak translation of: "The mystery of the Katyn Massacre, the evidence, the solution"

Martha Graham

A major biography--the first in three decades--of one of the most important artistic forces of the twentieth century, the legendary American dancer and choreographer who upended dance, propelling the art form into the modern age, and whose profound and pioneering influence is still being felt today. "Brings together all the elements of Graham's colorful life...with wit, verve, critical discernment, and a powerful lyricism."--Mary Dearborn, acclaimed author of Ernest Hemingway Time magazine called her "the Dancer of the Century." Her technique, used by dance companies throughout the world, became the first long-lasting alternative to the idiom of classical ballet. Her pioneering movements--powerful, dynamic, jagged, edgy, forthright--combined with her distinctive system of training, were the epitome of American modernism, performance as art. Her work continued to astonish and inspire for more than sixty years as she choreographed more than 180 works. At the heart of Graham's work: movement that could express inner feeling. Neil Baldwin, author of admired biographies of Man Ray ("Truly definitive . . . absolutely fascinating" --Patricia Bosworth) and Thomas Edison ("Absorbing, gripping, a major contribution to our understanding of a remarkable man and a remarkable era" --Robert Caro), gives us the artist and performer, the dance monument who led a cult of dance worshippers as well as the woman herself in all of her complexity. Here is Graham, from her nineteenth-century (born in 1894) Allegheny, Pennsylvania, childhood, to becoming the star of the Denishawn exotic ballets, and in 1926, at age thirty-two, founding her own company (now the longest-running dance company in America).   Baldwin writes of how the company flourished during the artistic explosion of New York City's midcentury cultural scene; of Erick Hawkins, in 1936, fresh from Balanchine's School of American Ballet, a handsome Midwesterner fourteen years her junior, becoming Graham's muse, lover, and eventual spouse. Graham, inspiring the next generation of dancers, choreographers, and teachers, among them: Merce Cunningham and Paul Taylor. Baldwin tells the story of this large, fiercely lived life, a life beset by conflict, competition, and loneliness--filled with fire and inspiration, drive, passion, dedication, and sacrifice in work and in dance creation.

Let's Make Our Sound

This songbook is the companion to the song "Let's Make Our Sound" by Cupra:Ring available on all streaming platforms. The book invites children to explore different body percussion sounds and join their friends in making music together. Children will find their own unique sounds and movements while making body music with their friends!

Chants d'Auvergne : A Singer's Guide to Auvergnat Pronunciation

Co-authors Brodovitch and McCann offer a complete reference for the performance of the Chants d’Auvergne, Canteloube’s collection of twenty-nine orchestrated folk songs sung in the Auvergnat dialect. Phonetic transcriptions of each song with English word-for-word and idiomatic translations, revised line-by-line French translations (originally edited by Canteloube for the musical layout), Pronunciation, Text, and Musical notes.

Encyclopedia of Data Science and Machine Learning

The Encyclopedia of Data Science and Machine Learning examines current, state-of-the-art research in the areas of data science, machine learning, data mining, and more. It provides an international forum for experts within these fields to advance the knowledge and practice in all facets of big data and machine learning, emphasizing emerging theories, principals, models, processes, and applications to inspire and circulate innovative findings into research, business, and communities. Covering topics such as benefit management, recommendation system analysis, and global software development, this expansive reference provides a dynamic resource for data scientists, data analysts, computer scientists, technical managers, corporate executives, students and educators of higher education, government officials, researchers, and academicians.

Attitudes of Students with Learning Disabilities Toward Participation in Physical Education

Many researchers have confirmed that students with disabilities engage in significantly less physical activity than their nondisabled peers in physical education class. One of the elements that influences student participation in physical education class is attitude and there is a gap in the literature with respect to investigating the attitudes of students with learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disabilities, or attention difficulties. There is limited research on how teachers perceive and assist students to participate in physical education. This dissertation is looking specifically at enjoyment and useful attitudes of physical activity in physical education class for students with learning disabilities.

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