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University Authors

Montclair State University faculty, staff, and administrators gather in the Sprague Library to recognize the members of the University community who have had books or other works published in the past few years.

University Authors 2022 Titles (as of today)

Gareth B. Matthews, the Child's Philosopher

"Gareth B. Matthews, The Child's Philosopher" brings together groundbreaking essays by renowned American philosopher Gareth B. Matthews in three fields he helped to initiate: philosophy in children's literature, philosophy for children, and philosophy of childhood. In addition, contemporary scholars critically assess Matthews' pioneering efforts and his legacy. Gareth B. Matthews (1929-2011) was a specialist in ancient and medieval philosophy who had conversations with young children, discovering that they delight in philosophical puzzlement and that their philosophical thinking often enriched his own understanding. Those conversations became the impetus for a substantial component of Matthews' scholarship, from which this book features essays spanning the length of his career. Contemporary contributors to the book critically evaluate Matthews' scholarship, showing where he broke new ground and identifying developments and debates in the fields he helped to initiate. They take up pressing challenges, including biased idealizations of childhood in children's literature; the tensions between teaching philosophy to, and doing philosophy with young people; the merits of theorizing childhood without theorizing children; and how professional philosophy at once desires and resists a return to childhood. This second volume in the Philosophy for Children Founders series is an important resource for philosophers, educators, and anyone interested in children's philosophical thinking, developmental psychology, what it means to philosophize with children, the nature of childhood, and how children's literature goes philosophical. It will guide and inspire those who share Matthews' conviction that the impulse to philosophize begins in early childhood. Contributors (in addition to Gareth B. Matthews): Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd, Cristina Cammarano, Claire Cassidy, Stanley Cavell, Maughn Rollins Gregory, Jennifer Glaser, Walter Omar Kohan, Megan Jane Laverty, Jana Mohr Lone, Karin Murris, Peter Shea, Susan M. Turner, Susannah Sheffer.

Advancements in Mechatronics and Intelligent Robotics

This book gathers selected papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on Mechatronics and Intelligent Robotics (ICMIR 2020), held in Kunming, China, on May 22-24, 2020. The proceedings cover new findings in the following areas of research: mechatronics, intelligent mechatronics, robotics and biomimetics; novel and unconventional mechatronic systems; modeling and control of mechatronic systems; elements, structures and mechanisms of micro- and nano-systems; sensors, wireless sensor networks and multi-sensor data fusion; biomedical and rehabilitation engineering, prosthetics and artificial organs; artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks and fuzzy logic in mechatronics and robotics; industrial automation, process control and networked control systems; telerobotics and human-computer interaction; human-robot interaction; robotics and artificial intelligence; bio-inspired robotics; control algorithms and control systems; design theories and principles; evolutional robotics; field robotics; force sensors, accelerometers and other measuring devices; healthcare robotics; kinematics and dynamics analysis; manufacturing robotics; mathematical and computational methodologies in robotics; medical robotics; parallel robots and manipulators; robotic cognition and emotion; robotic perception and decisions; sensor integration, fusion and perception; and social robotics.  

(M)othering Labeled Children

This book takes a distinctive approach to exploring the experiences and identities of minoritized Latinx mothers who are raising a child who is labeled as both an emergent bilingual and dis/abled. It showcases relationships between families and schools and reveals the myriad of ways in which school-based decisions regarding disability, language and academic placement impact family dynamics. Treating the mothers as experts, this book uses testimonios to explore not only what mothers know but also how they develop funds of knowledge and how they apply them to their child's education. The stories shed light on how mothers perceive their child's disability, how they engage with their child and the value they place on bilingualism. The narratives reveal the complex lives mothers lead and the ways in which they strive to meet the academic and socioemotional needs of their children, regardless of the financial, physical and emotional costs to them. This book has significant implications for researchers and professionals working in bilingual education, special education, inclusive education and disability studies in education.

Higher Education's Looming Collapse

Higher education must implement new ways of achieving social justice and performing the business of education to survive the impending shakeout stemming from increasing competition for enrollment, operating costs, and price sensitivity plus decreasing state aid, net tuition, endowment income, and college-bound high school graduates. Universities that survive the shakeout will achieve financial sustainability, educational excellence, and social justice while providing equal educational opportunity and resource equity by implementing the book's best practices, strategies, and holistic budgeting model.

സ്റ്റാലിനും ജനാധിപത്യ പരിഷ്ക്കരണ സമരവും

Stāliṇuṃ Jaṇādhipatya Pariṣkaraṇa Saṃaravuṃ.
Malayalam translation of "Stalin and the Struggle for Democratic Reform"

Families and Change

Families & Change: Coping With Stressful Events and Transitions presents current literature detailing families' responses to varied transitions and stressful life events over the life span. Integrating research, theory, and application, this bestselling text implements interdisciplinary content to address a multitude of both predictable and unpredictable problems and stressors as they relate to family sciences. Editors Kevin R. Bush and Christine A. Price bring together cutting-edge research and scholarship to examine issues across the life span and how these factors can be applied across diverse family situations.

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education: Conceptos Fundamentales explores relevant concepts of bilingualism for pre-service Spanish/English bilingual teachers in the United States. This volume is reader friendly while presenting complex theoretical content. It is the first of its kind to seamlessly switch between English and Spanish languages for academic purposes. This book fills a gap in the academic literature related to translanguaging as a modern and global phenomenon. The authors invite bilingual educators to develop translingual classrooms with bilingual students in which academic English and Spanish are intentionally mixed. Volume contributors center their discussions on theory, practice, and action as they reflect on their own bilingual journeys. Features such as glossary terms, discussion questions, and intentional reflection on each author's bilingual journey make it innovative and a must read in all bilingual teacher preparation programs in the nation.

A Notable Bully

The definitive biography of a Civil War scoundrel and streetwise politico Largely forgotten by historians, Billy Wilson (1822-1874) was a giant in his time, a man well known throughout New York City, a man shaped by the city's immigrant culture, its harsh voting practices, and its efforts to participate in the War for the Union. For decades, Wilson's name made headlines--for many different reasons--in the city's major newspapers. An immigrant who settled in New York in 1842, Wilson found work as a prizefighter, a shoulder hitter, an immigrant runner, and a pawnbroker, before finally entering politics and being elected an alderman. He harnessed his tough persona to good advantage, in 1861 becoming a colonel in command of a regiment of alleged toughs and ex-convicts known as the "Wilson Zouaves." A poor disciplinarian, however, Wilson exercised little control over his soldiers, and in 1863, unable to maintain order, he was jailed for a number of weeks. Nonetheless, Wilson returned home to a hero's welcome that year. Wilson left behind no personal papers, journals, or correspondences, so Robert E. Cray has masterfully woven together a record of Wilson's life using the only available records: newspaper stories. These accounts present Wilson as a fascinating but highly unlikable man. As Cray demonstrates, Wilson bullied his way into New York, bullied his way into fame and politics, and attempted to bully his way into military greatness. His story depicts the New York City and Civil War experience in bolder, darker hues. As Cray shows us, it was not always a pretty tale.

Gender Bonds, Gender Binds

While Gender Studies has made its mark on literary studies, much scholarship on the German Middle Ages is largely inaccessible to the Anglo-American audience. With gender at its core as a category of analysis, "Gender Bonds, Gender Binds"uniquely opens up medieval German material to English speakers. Recognizing the impact of Ann Marie Rasmussen's Mothers and Daughters in Medieval German Literature, this transatlantic volume expands on questions introduced in her 1997 book and subsequent work. More than a mere tribute, the collection moves the debates forward in new directions: it examines how gender bonds together people, practices, texts, and interpretive traditions, while constraining and delimiting these things socially, ideologically, culturally, or historically. As the contributions demonstrate, a close, materially focused analysis produces complex results, not easily reduced to a platitude. The essays steer a firm course through the terrain of gender bonds and binds, many of which remain challenging in the present. Herein lies the broader reach of this volume, for understanding the longevity of patriarchy and its effects on human relations demonstrates how crucial the study of the past can be for us as a society today.  

A Sum of Destructions

Police psychologist Edwardo Bratenahl is a young widower, still mourning the tragic loss of his wife. Bratenahl, an academic and native of the insular Cleveland neighborhood of Little Italy, is asked to assist with the homicide investigation of world-class geneticist Dr. Simon Pederson, who was viciously slain during Sunday mass. Bratenahl is partnered with Mary Kate Calderon, veteran homicide detective. The two soon discover a related murder, which Calderon confesses looks eerily like a scenario she witnessed as a child in Nicaragua, with all the hallmarks of a Sandinista interrogator dubbed Diablo Rojo. Bratenahl brushes this off as coincidence, but the psychologist soon discovers just how perilous the world around him is, as he collides with the Red Devil, Simon Pederson’s legacy of destruction, and the weight of family history in this twisty, dark police procedural.

Trotsky e la cospirazione militare : prove sovietiche e non sovietiche; con la trascrizione completa degli atti del processo "Tukhachevsky Affair"

Italian translation of: Trotsky and the military conspiracy, Soviet and Non-Soviet evidence; with the complete transcript of the "Tukhachevsky Affair" trial

An African American Dilemma

An African American Dilemma offers the first social history of northern Black debates over school integration versus separation from the 1840s to the present. Since Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 Americans have viewed school integration as a central tenet of the Black civil rights movement. Yet, school integration was not the only--or even always the dominant--civil rights strategy. At times, African Americans also fought for separate, Black controlled schools dedicated to racial uplift and community empowerment. An African American Dilemma offers a social history of these debates within northern Black communities from the 1840s to the present. Drawing on sources including the Black press, school board records, social science studies, the papers of civil rights activists, and court cases, it reveals that northern Black communities, urban and suburban, vacillated between a preference for either school integration or separation during specific eras. Yet, there was never a consensus. It also highlights the chorus of dissent, debate, and counter-narratives that pushed families to consider a fuller range of educational reforms. A sweeping historical analysis that covers the entire history of public education in the North, this work complicates our understanding of school integration by highlighting the diverse perspectives of Black students, parents, teachers, and community leaders all committed to improving public education. It finds that Black school integrationists and separatists have worked together in a dynamic tension that fueled effective strategies for educational reform and the Black civil rights movement, a discussion that continues to be highly charged in present-day schooling choices.

Rethinking Religion and Politics in a Plural World (eBook)

In this book, Julia Berger examines internal meaning-making structures and processes driving NGO behavior, identifying constructs from within a religious tradition that forge new ways of pursuing social change. She evaluates the operation of a distinct rationality, arguing that action is guided not simply by beliefs and values, but also by a combination of elements so intrinsic as to constitute an "organizational DNA." These hidden structures and rationalities manifest themselves in new modes of engagement and agency; they help us to see the pivotal role of religion in shaping notions of peace, progress, and modernity. To demonstrate the operation and salience of such a rationality, Berger draws on the example of the worldwide Baha'i community. Emerging in 19th century Iran, the community's theological engagement with questions of justice, the unity of humankind, and the emerging global order, constitute one of the most distinct and compelling, yet least-researched examples of religious engagement with the pressing questions of our time. Analyzing events spanning a 75-year period from 1945-2020, this book provides a unique historical and contemporary perspective on the evolving role of religion and civil society in the modern world.


The promise of a free, high-quality public education is supposed to guarantee every child a shot at the American dream. But our widely segregated schools mean that many children of color do not have access to educational opportunities equal to those of their white peers. In Integrations, historian Zoë Burkholder and philosopher Lawrence Blum investigate what this country's long history of school segregation means for achieving just and equitable educational opportunities in the United States.   Integrations focuses on multiple marginalized groups in American schooling: African Americans, Native Americans, Latinxs, and Asian Americans. The authors show that in order to grapple with integration in a meaningful way, we must think of integration in the plural, both in its multiple histories and in the many possible definitions of and courses of action for integration. Ultimately, the authors show, integration cannot guarantee educational equality and justice, but it is an essential component of civic education that prepares students for life in our multiracial democracy.

Запад против Сталина = Zapad Protiv Stalina

Russian translation of "Blood lies, the evidence that every accusation against Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands is false"

Migration and Radicalization : Global Futures (eBook)

This book explores the connections between migration and terrorism and extrapolates, with the help of current research and case studies, what the future may hold for both issues. Migration and Radicalization: Global Futures looks at how migrants and terrorists have both been treated as Others outside the body politic, how growing migrant flows borne of a rickety state system cause both natives and migrants to turn violent, and how terrorist radicalization and tensions between natives and migrants can be reduced. As he contemplates potential global futures in the light of migration and radicalization, Gabriel Rubin charts a course between contemporary migration and terrorism scholarship, exploring their interactions in a methodologically rigorous but theoretically bold investigation.

Devotional Hindu Dance : A Return to the Sacred (eBook)

This book sheds light on the purpose of Hindu dance as devotional. Dr. Sabrina D. MisirHiralall explains the history of Hindu dance and how colonization caused the dance form to move from sacred to a Westernized system that emphasizes culture. Postcolonialism is a main theme throughout this text, as religion and culture do not remain static. MisirHiralall points to a postcolonial return to Hindu dance as a religious and sacred dance form while positioning Hindu dance in the Western culture in which she lives.

Women Philosophers. Volume II, Entering Academia in Nineteenth-Century America (eBook)

Tackling the intellectual histories of the first twenty women to earn a PhD in philosophy in the United States, this book traces their career development and influence on American intellectual life. The case studies include Eliza Ritchie, Marietta Kies, Julia Gulliver, Anna Alice Cutler, Eliza Sunderland, and many more. Dorothy Rogers looks at the factors that led these women to pursue careers in academic philosophy, examines the ideas they developed, and evaluates the impact they had on the academic and social worlds they inhabited.

Salafism and Traditionalism

One of the most contentious topics in modern Islam is whether one should adhere to an Islamic legal school or follow scripture directly. For centuries, Sunni Muslims have practiced Islam through the framework of the four legal schools. The 20th century, however, witnessed the rise of individuals who denounced the legal schools, highlighting cases where they contradict texts from the Qur'ān or Sunna. These differences are exemplified in the heated debates between the Salafi ḥadīth scholar Muḥammad Nāṣir al-Dīn al-Albānī and his Traditionalist critics. This book examines the tensions between Salafis and Traditionalists concerning scholarly authority in Islam. Emad Hamdeh offers an insider's view of the debates between Salafis and Traditionalists and their differences regarding the correct method of interpreting Islam. He provides a detailed analysis of the rise of Salafism, the impact of the printing press, the role of scholars in textual interpretation, and the divergent approaches to Islamic law.

Art Cinema and Neoliberalism

Art Cinema and Neoliberalism surveys cinematic responses to neoliberalism across four continents. One of the first in-depth studies of its kind, this book provides an imaginative reassessment of art cinema in the new millennium by showing how the exigencies of contemporary capitalism are exerting pressure on art cinema conventions. Through a careful examination of neoliberal thought and practice, the book explores the wide-ranging effects of neoliberalism on various sectors of society and on the evolution of film language. Alex Lykidis evaluates the relevance of art cinema style to explanations of the neoliberal order and uses a case study approach to analyze the films of acclaimed directors such as Asghar Farhadi, Yorgos Lanthimos, and Lucrecia Martel in relation to the social, political, and cultural characteristics of neoliberalism. By connecting the aesthetics of art cinema to current social antagonisms, Lykidis positions class as a central concern in our understanding of the polarized dynamics of late capitalism and the escalating provocations of today's film auteurs.

Tajemnica Zbrodni Katyńskiej : Dowody, Rozwiązanie

Polish translation of "The mystery of the Katyn Massacre : the evidence, the solution"

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