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Cataloging, Metadata & Archives Services


Special materials:

Books with CD/DVD accompanying material

Catalog like regular books.  The only additional steps are to create a Staff note "1 text + 1 CD" or "1 text + 1 DVD" in the LHR and create a blue slip with the note "Please write call number on CD" or "Please write call number on DVD" that goes with the book.  (Pls note, if the book does not already have a pocket for the media, one will be added during physical processing)

Item Maintenance

Includes Replacements, On-the-Fly, etc.

Barcode Reader Info

WMS Tips

Permanent Location hangs up when in the Acquisitions Module adding an item. The dropdown menu for "Select Shelving Location" hangs -- the "Loading" graphic just keep spinning and the menu doesn't display. 

You can get the "Select Shelving Location" dropdown to display again if you change the "Holding Location" to blank/nothing and then back to Sprague Library.



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