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Cataloging, Metadata & Archives Services


Through the creation and maintenance of metadata records in the Sprague Library Catalog, the Cataloging Department supports the University’s educational and research programs by providing accurate and complete access to all of the various resources of the Library - print, media and electronic, in a timely and efficient manner.

Departmental Goals

  1. To create and maintain the bibliographic and item databases comprising the Sprague Library Catalog by describing all items accurately.

  2. To catalog all materials in the circulating, Government Documents, Multimedia, Online and Reference collections using the OCLC cataloging utility and following appropriate national standards and protocols.

  3. To add and maintain holdings for titles in the Periodicals collection.

  4. To participate in the design of attractive and useful information retrieval interfaces.

  5. To collect statistics and produce Library Collection Statistics for all Library collections for the use of national and local reviewing bodies.

  6. To preserve the physical integrity of the books in the circulating and Reference collections through mending operations.

Contact List

Catherine Oliver (Department Head)
Mei Ling Chow   
Paul Martinez        
Christina Molinari   
Lisa Pendola
Mandalee MacGregor
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