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Library Administrative Policies and Guidelines

Contains updates on Sprague Library Administrative policies and guidelines and links to Montclair State U. faculty and staff policies and guidelines.

Library Committees

Library Personnel Advisory Committee

Librarian representatives are elected each year for the following:

University Sabbatical Review Committee

University Career Development Committee

Librarian Sabbatical Committee

Distinguished Teacher

Professional Staff Professional Development Peer Review Committee

Archives Committee

Collection Resources Management Team (CRMT)

Database Review Committee

Exhibits Committee

Charge:  The Library Exhibits Committee gathers all proposals, works out a semester or yearly schedule of exhibits for the main exhibits case only, and is responsible for the mounting of each exhibit in the main lobby.

LibApps Committee

Charge: To create & disseminate documentation for Sprague Research Guides, including templates for generic and course specific guides, technology checklist. To address the questions of who should be doing Research Guides, including what should be Liaison involvement.

Library Management Team (Formerly LAC)

Library Retreat Planning Committee

Opac Committee

Social Media Committee

Website Committee


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