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Library Administrative Policies and Guidelines

Contains updates on Sprague Library Administrative policies and guidelines and links to Montclair State U. faculty and staff policies and guidelines.

Welcome to the Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012 Resource Guide

This is a guide to Sprague Library Strategic Plan 2009-2012 Resource Guide. Please select the tabs for Library Department Activities and Tactics:

This plan is consistent with the Montclair State University Strateigc Plan and reviewed regularly by the MSU Library Administrative Council.

Library Strategic Plan Overview 2009-2012

Harry A. Sprague Library Strategic Plan 2009 – 2012

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I. Mission Statement:
The Library provides information resources and instructional services that facilitate the effective discovery, creation, evaluation, and application of scholarship in support of the teaching, research, cultural and outreach mission of the University.

II. Vision:
The Library will be recognized as the center for access to excellent scholarly resources, user-focused services, and knowledgeable, expert staff.  The Library will provide teaching and learning opportunities designed in collaboration with faculty, as well as innovative and traditional resources, technologies, and educational services for the campus community and beyond.

III. Core Values:

  • Commitment to the highest quality customer service;
  • Active participation in the university and larger academic community;
  • Promotion of intellectual freedom and freedom of inquiry;
  • Adherence to professional ethics and national standards;
  • Dedication to diversity in staffing and in collections.


IV. Strategic Goals 2009-20012

Goal 1: Provide resources and staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning at all levels of the University community.

Goal 2: Identify and fulfill student and faculty needs in pursuit of scholarship and the application of knowledge in various formats and in accordance with information literacy standards appropriate to each discipline.

Goal 3: Facilitate the public engagement activities of the University staff and provide resources for local, state and national consortial partnerships and participation in international initiatives.

Goal 4: Improve and modernize facilities and technology  to accommodate future needs. 

Goal 5: Analyze accountability of Library expenditures in support of the University's mission.

Goal 6: Expand formalized assessment programs to evaluate the Library’s organization, services and resources and their impact on the University community.

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