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New Arrivals

This guide includes selected new books and streaming videos added to the Library's collection

Selected eBooks Highlighted in January 2023

Your Brain Is Amazing

The sight of stars in the sky, the taste of chocolate, the memories of a holiday, pain after you fall...all of these experiences are possible thanks to your brain. Did you know that the information inside your head travels faster than cars on the highway? Or that electricity moves around in there? Your brain is mysterious--there is a lot we know about it and even more that we still don't understand. With detailed illustrations and activities to challenge your brain, Your Brain is Amazing explores the inner workings of the most complex organ on Earth and how it makes you you!

The Future of Scholarship on Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations

"The current volume, the fourth in the series, provides a broad look at the meaning and understanding of diversity and inclusion in organizations. The contributors to this book look toward the future of D&I in organizations and the scholarship of these phenomena. This future focus references not only the content of the chapters-- which we hoped would offer new ideas, emphases, theories, and predictions-- but also to the contributors, emerging scholars who are the future of the field. Indeed, the chapters in this volume offer new perspectives on diversity in organizations, problematize existing perceptions and practices, and offer potential directions for change. Together, the questions and ideas offered these chapters generate a path forward for a thoughtful and nuanced view of D&I in future organizational science. In spite and because of their critiques of the status quo, the scholars and scholarship highlighted here provide hope for positive change"-- Provided by publisher.

Supporting Social Learning in Autism : An Autobiographical Memory Program to Promote Communication and Connection

"Supporting Social Learning in Autism: An Autobiographical Memory Program to Promote Communication & Connection is a step-by-step guide to strengthening social learning for individuals with autism through autobiographical memory intervention"-- Provided by publisher.

Purple Power

Chartered in 1921, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a worldwide organization that represents more than two million workers in occupations from healthcare and government service to custodians and taxi drivers. Women form more than half the membership while people in minority groups make up approximately forty percent. Luís LM Aguiar and Joseph A. McCartin edit essays on one of contemporary labor's bedrock organizations. The contributors explore key episodes, themes, and features in the union's recent history and evaluate SEIU as a union with global aspirations and impact. The first section traces the SEIU's growth in the last and current centuries. The second section offers in-depth studies of key campaigns in the United States, including the Justice for Janitors and Fight for $15 movements. The third section focuses on the SEIU's work representing low-wage workers in Canada, Australia, Europe, and Brazil. An interview with Justice for Janitors architect Stephen Lerner rounds out the volume. Contributors: Luís LM Aguiar, Adrienne E. Eaton, Janice Fine, Euan Gibb, Laurence Hamel-Roy, Tashlin Lakhani, Joseph A. McCartin, Yanick Noiseux, Benjamin L. Peterson, Allison Porter, Alyssa May Kuchinski, Maite Tapia, Veronica Terriquez, and Kyoung-Hee Yu

Engaging Place, Engaging Practices

Colleges and universities in urban centers have often leveraged their locales to appeal to students while also taking a more active role in addressing local challenges. They embrace civic engagement, support service-learning, tailor courses to local needs, and even provide university-community collaborations such as lab schools and innovation hubs. Engaging Place, Engaging Practices highlights the significant role the academy, in general, and urban history, in particular, can play in fostering these critical connections. The editors and contributors to this volume address topics ranging from historical injustices and affordable housing and land use to climate change planning and the emergence of digital humanities. These case studies reveal the intricate components of a city's history and how they provide context and promote a sense of cultural belonging. This timely book appreciates and emphasizes the critical role universities must play as intentional--and humble--partners in addressing the past, present, and future challenges facing cities through democratic community engagement.

Tell Your Story

Learn how to increase students' skills as writers and storytellers with an innovative, inclusive, and empowering framework for teaching writing that centers student voice. Tell Your Story: Teaching Students to Become World-Changing Thinkers and Writers explores how to help students see themselves as writers and storytellers who are developing the skills and techniques to communicate in ways that resonate with various audiences. When students make that shift and see themselves as active and valued participants in their own communities, cultures, and literary journeys, they become powerful writers eager to explore and share ideas. With the strategies in this book, you can * Create an environment of belonging that fosters creativity and confidence. * Demonstrate the value of oral and visual storytelling. * Teach story structure, both old and new and in a variety of genres. * Offer a variety of role models and exemplars through mentor texts. * Assess and confer with student writers to help them improve their skills. * Value students' voices as future agents of change. When you help students unlock the stories they want to tell, you'll see writing anxieties and resistance fade as students come alive to the multitude of ways in which they can make their voices heard. Storytelling can be a wellness practice, a tool for empowerment, and a method for self-understanding and self-expression. For all students, storytelling is a path to lifelong learning and to realizing the full power of their voice and their potential to change the world.

The New Classroom Instruction That Works

The book that inspired millions of educators to refine their approach to teaching returns for an all-new third edition. Built on a more rigorous research base and updated to emphasize student diversity, equity, and inclusion, The New Classroom Instruction That Works offers a streamlined focus on the 14 instructional strategies proven to promote deep, meaningful, and lasting learning: * Cognitive interest cues * Student goal setting and monitoring * Vocabulary instruction * Strategy instruction and modeling * Visualizations and concrete examples * High-level questions and student explanations * Guided initial application with formative feedback * Peer-assisted consolidation of learning * Retrieval practice * Spaced and mixed independent practice * Targeted support * Cognitive writing * Guided investigations * Structured problem solving These strategies--all of which are effective and complementary--are presented within a framework geared toward instructional planning and aligned with how the brain learns. For each strategy, you'll get the key research findings, the important principles of classroom practice, and recommended approaches for using the strategy with today's learners. Both new and veteran teachers will finish this book with a better understanding of how effective teaching boosts student achievement and a clearer idea of what to do, when to do it, and why.

Developing Age-Friendly Communities in the UK

The ageing population is a global societal issue. Policymakers, planners and the public, third and private sectors must rethink how the built environment and services are delivered to meet the needs of a changing demographic. This is the first book to systematically review the evolution, development and progress of age-friendly thinking in the UK, with a primary focus on the real-world experiences of the people leading place-based initiatives. The book presents the findings of the first in-depth national study of age-friendly programme leaders in the UK, completed in 2021, and provides insights into the development of age-friendly communities, the formative influences from a social policy perspective, the management challenges and the progress towards achieving age-friendly goals. Using primary interview data and narrative analysis, the experiences of working with age-friendly programmes in different organisational forms are explored. The book promotes a greater understanding of what it means to become an age-friendly community in practice, how the programmes have different development pathways, and what influences different outcomes. Embellished with detailed narratives from practitioners, informative tables, and diagrams and figures throughout, the book carefully gathers the voices of a diverse range of decision-makers and leaders associated with the age-friendly movement and provides unique insights on the drivers of change in specific localities. This is a must-read for anyone involved in ageing research or ageing policy and practice as it provides an insightful look into the real world of embedding this community development model in different localities to make a difference to the lives of older people. Topical themes include how these agendas connect with other issues, such as dementia-friendly programmes and the work of the third sector, as well as the growing challenge of what it means to be 'friendly' as a community and place and whether 'friendly' is becoming an over-used term in relation to place identity. The book has national and global interest for all communities engaged in age-friendly activity, offering exemplars of best practice, achievements in transforming local communities and views on the meaning of ageing, as well as the age-friendly lens as an approach that champions the world through the eyes of older people. It offers a thought-provoking read for anyone with an interest in this expanding area of ageing, irrespective of disciplinary focus.

The Book of Falling

To fall is to be human. We fall in love, fall asleep, and fall from grace. And in this epoch that we have called the Anthropocene, we are witnessing nothing less than the fall of nature. This extraordinary collection, the fifth by the prize-winning poet David McCooey, covers the full tragicomic spectrum of falling: from pratfalls to tragic demises, from accident-prone parents to ruinous celebrities. Within its unifying thematic focus, The Book of Falling is tonally and formally diverse, attending with great artistry to the calamities and absurdities of history and the contemporary world. The collection comprises of satires and elegies, inventive poetic autofictions and biofictions, and innovative photopoems, employing found photos and photographs by the author. This is a collection that welcomes its readers, even as it plunges them into new ways of understanding the beautiful, fallen worlds that we inhabit.

Group Activities for Social Emotional Learning Using Sketch Comedy and Improv Games

Children with strong social-emotional skills are better able to cope with everyday challenges and benefit academically, professionally, and socially. But the benefits that can be derived from these skills can only be seen if children are given the opportunity to develop them. This accessible guide helps teach children to participate in social-emotional learning. Offering fun group activities including social skill-based improv games, participant written plays, and basic plays that can be transformed using the creative minds of children themselves. To increase participant comfort levels with these activities, the book allows for a graduated exposure of techniques, starting with improv trust building and joint focus games, and progressing to improvisation and writing sketches. Featuring additional downloadable content, including worksheets and lesson plans for classroom use, this is the perfect companion for educators and therapists.

The Muslim, State and Mind : Psychology in Times of Islamophobia

This book presents how psychology is part of the problem of racism and inequality. With a unique look at the growing dehumanisation of Muslims across the Global North, the author provides a contemporary overview of how psychology and mental health ultimately services to produce and manage low-risk and productive citizens.

The Sky at Night

Ideal for backyard stargazers, this introduction to astronomy offers a unique blend of advice and personal observations. Drawn from decades of experiences and enjoyment watching the night sky, Tim B. Hunter helps beginners take up the hobby of watching the night sky. An avid stargazer and astronomy columnist, Hunter covers all the basics--from the Moon, planets, and stars to the history and origins of constellations and selected famous astronomers and events. Emphasis is on naked-eye viewing with an occasional reference to using a pair of binoculars or a small telescope, encouraging beginners to explore the skies while giving them a solid understanding of what they see. Building on his writings for the long-running Sky Spy column, Hunter defines and outlines astronomical terms and how they relate to locating objects in the sky. He weaves in his personal experiences of what he learned about astronomy as a columnist for more than a decade, detailing his mistakes and triumphs to help other would-be astronomers excel in this heavenly hobby.  

Algorithms, Humans, and Interactions

Amidst the rampant use of algorithmization enabled by AI, the common theme of AI systems is the human factor. Humans play an essential role in designing, developing, and operationalizing AI systems. We have a remit to ensure those systems run transparently, perform equitably, value our privacy, and effectively fulfill human needs. This book takes an interdisciplinary approach to contribute to the ongoing development of human-AI interaction with a particular focus on the "human" dimension and provides insights to improve the design of AI that could be genuinely beneficial and effectively used in society. The readers of this book will benefit by gaining insights into various perspectives about how AI has impacted people and society and how it will do so in the future, and understanding how we can design algorithm systems that are beneficial, legitimate, usable by humans, and designed considering and respecting human values. This book provides a horizontal set of guidelines and insight into how humans can be empowered by making choices about AI designs that allow them meaningful control over AI. Designing meaningful AI experiences has garnered great attention to address responsibility gaps and mitigate them by establishing conditions that enable the proper attribution of responsibility to humans. This book helps us understand the possibilities of what AI systems can do and how they can and should be integrated into our society.

The Invention of Marxism : How an Idea Changed Everything

Exploring the lives of their earliest exponents, Christina Morina's book shows how Karl Marx's ideas were read, debated, adapted, and adopted in socialist movements across Europe in the years after his death, and how a theory of capitalisn grew into a political philosophy that shaped the history of the 20th century.

An Introduction to Black Studies

For hundreds of years, the American public education system has neglected to fully examine, discuss, and acknowledge the vast and rich history of people of African descent who have played a pivotal role in the transformation of the United States. The establishment of Black studies departments and programs represented a major victory for higher education and a vindication of Black scholars such as W. E. B. Du Bois and Nathan Huggins. This emerging field of study sought to address omissions from numerous disciplines and correct the myriad distortions, stereotypes, and myths about persons of African descent. In An Introduction to Black Studies, Eric R. Jackson demonstrates the continuing need for Black studies, also known as African American studies, in university curricula. Jackson connects the growth and impact of Black studies to the broader context of social justice movements, emphasizing the historical and contemporary demand for the discipline. This book features seventeen chapters that focus on the primary eight disciplines of Black studies: history, sociology, psychology, religion, feminism, education, political science, and the arts. Each chapter includes a biographical vignette of an important figure in African American history, such as Frederick Douglass, Louis Armstrong, and Madam C. J. Walker, as well as student learning objectives that provide a starting point for educators. This valuable work speaks to the strength and rigor of scholarship on Blacks and African Americans, its importance to the formal educational process, and its relevance to the United States and the world.

Leading in a Non-Linear World

Unlock the full potential of your organization in a rapidly transforming world with this explosive resource Leading in a Non-Linear World: Building Wellbeing, Strategic and Innovation Mindsets for the Future, leads readers through a groundbreaking set of science-based strategies to help them face rising demand, uncertainty and change posed by disruptive technologies and seismic shifts in globalisation. The book shows how our mindset, more than our knowledge and expertise, has the potential to be our greatest asset in facing the future. Jean Gomes reviews the latest brain research revealing that our mindset is the interplay of feeling, thinking, and seeing, and how we can build it to significantly increase our wellbeing and performance. For over 30 years Jean Gomes has worked with many of the world's most successful leaders in the corporate and sporting world, helping them to harness the emerging science of mindset. His clients include Warner Music, Nike, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, eBay, Coca-Cola, UK Sport, Condé Nast, Microsoft, Manchester City Football Club and BMW. He is co-author of the New York Times best seller; The Way We're Working Isn't Working and the founder and CEO of the research-based consultancy, Outside. Leading in a Non-Linear World provides readers with a new science-based definition of mindset and the tools to: Build and strengthen their mindset Increase their sustainability and wellbeing Understand and build the ultimate strategic mindset Learn how to create the mindset that's foundational to the success of the world's fastest growing companies How to build an open mindset that allows leaders to create flexible, adaptive cultures capable of naturally responding to change Perfect for CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers, business leaders, digital officers, and anyone in a managerial or supervisory role, Leading in a Non-Linear World shows leaders how to shift their thinking and realize explosive growth in a world that demands nothing less.

What Do We Know and What Should We Do about AI?

In this short and accessible book, Ewa Luger explains what we mean when we talk about AI, explores how we got here, describes what we are doing about it, where the field is heading, and where we should go next

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