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Environmental Studies

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Need ideas for getting started? Try searching for some of the keywords and subjects on the list below:

  • Earth sciences
  • Ecology
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental protection
  • Global environmental change
  • Human ecology
  • Environmental law
  • Natural resources
  • Climatic changes or climate change

Browsing and Search Suggestions

Library of Congress Classification

If you are interested in browsing the collection, many environmental topics are located on the following shelves:

Subclass GE

GE1-350 Environmental sciences

GE70-90 Environmental education

GE170-190 Environmental policy

GE195-199 Environmentalism. Green movement

GE300-350 Environmental management

Subclass GF

GF1-900 Human ecology. Anthropogeography

GF51 Environmental influences on humans

GF75 Human influences on the environment

Subclass TD

TD1-1066 Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering

TD169-171.8 Environmental protection

TD172-193.5 Environmental pollution

TD201-500 Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes

TD419-428 Water pollution

TD783-812.5 Municipal refuse. Solid wastes

TD878-894 Special types of environment Including soil pollution, air pollution, noise pollution

TD896-899 Industrial and factory wastes

TD1020-1066 Hazardous substances and their disposal


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