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Sprague Library Archives

Office of the President

Inventory to the Records of the Montclair State University Office of the President

Overview of the Collection

Repository:                          Montclair State University Harry A. Sprague Library Archives - Room 138 Montclair, NJ 07043
Creator:                                Office of the President, Montclair State University
Finding Aid Created by:     Paul Martinez
Dates:                                   Circa 1927-2021
Quantity:                              One box of files and one audio tape. 1 cubic foot
Abstract:                              Records and files about the Presidents of Montclair State University and its predecessors
Identification:                      OffPresNjUpM
Language:                            The records are in English
Biographical Note
The President of the Montclair State University serves as the University's executive officer and chief adviser to the Board of Trustees. The President is also an ex officio member of the Board without vote. The executive leadership responsibility and management of the University, including the authority to sign documents on behalf of the Board, is delegated to and vested in the President of the University pursuant to the policies of the Board, state regulation, and statute. The President has general responsibility for the leadership and management of the University in achieving its mission, objectives, and purpose-including instruction, research, and service-in accordance with the policies of the Board, the laws of the state, and the resources of the institution.

Charles S. Chapin 1908-1924 (Principal)
Harry A. Sprague 1924-1951 (Principal, later President)
E. DeAlton Partridge 1951-1964
Thomas H. Richardson 1964-1973 (Acting, 1964-1966)
David W.D. Dickson 1973-1984
Donald E. Walters 1984-1987
Richard A. Lynde 1987-1989 (Acting)
Irvin D. Reid 1989- 1998
Susan A. Cole 1998-2021
Scope and Contents
The Sprague Library Archives is not a formal institutional repository. This series of records contains a small collection of documents collected by the library from the Office of the President. The records are largely unrelated. The materials include MSU Reports of the President, Postcards, Report of the President’s Fall Symposium, Report of the President’s Task Force on outcomes assessment, Information Technology, Annual Report, Photograph of President Reid, Commencement, The New Jersey Master Plan for Higher Education-Phase-II, Campus policy concerning student rights and responsibilities, MSU Inauguration of Donald E. Walters- Academic symposium and the search for Purpose and Direction, The Inauguration of David W.D. Dickson, Memorandum, Master Plan Committee, Computing Consultant’s Report, History of MSC audio-tape, President Harry Sprague’s 25th Anniversary at Montclair State Teacher’s College CD.
The records are arranged in one series. The series is divided into ten subseries. The first subseries covers the terms of several Presidents. The additional nine subseries are arranged chronologically by the term of each president. The series also contains an audio cassette tape. Series is arranged in 1 document archival storage box.
Restrictions on Access: The collection is open for research use.
Restrictions on Use: Copyright restrictions may apply.
Index Terms
This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Montclair State University--Office of the President
Montclair State University--Office of the President
Physical Characteristics or Technical Requirements
Box 1: contains files, folders, books, photographs, audio-tape, and papers in decent condition.
Detailed Description of the Collection
Series 1: Box 1 1927-2001
        Subseries 1: Chapin 1908-1924
        Subseries 2: Sprague 1924-1951

        Subseries 3:

Folder Number 1: President Harry Sprague's 25th Anniversary at Montclair State Teacher's College -- 2 CD's 1952
Folder Number 2:  President Sprague: Press Clippings

        Subseries 4: Partridge 1951-1964

Folder Number 3: Statement on Status of General Education Program (1962), Inter-office memos from President Partridge 1953-1964
Folder Number 4: Program for event honoring Dr. E. De Alton Partridge, 1967
Folder Number 5: "The Elements of Greatness" - An address given by Former President Partridge to the Century Club of the Alumni Association 1981

        Subseries 5: Richardson 1964-1973

Folder Number 6: Administrative Group (under President Richardson) - Meeting Minutes and Inter-office memos Bulk Dates 1964-1966
Folder Number 7: Inter-office memorandums from President Richardson 1965-1968
Folder Number 8: Info card, NJ Master Plan for Higher Ed Report 1971, NYT Clipping 1972

        Subseries 6: Dickson 1973-1984

Folder Number 9: Program for the Inauguration of David W.D. Dickson 1973
Folder Number 10: Dr. Dickson – Inauguration booklets and press clippings, circa 1973
Folder Number 11: Dr. Dickson – Press clippings, circa 1975
Folder Number 12: Report of the President - President Dickson 1973-1976
Folder Number 13: Black and White Postcards sent to President Dickson 1978

       Subseries 7: Walters 1984-1987

Folder Number 14: Pamphlets from the Inauguration of President Walters, Report of the Proceedings of the Presidential Fall Symposium 1984, 1986
Folder Number 15: Inauguration pamphlets, Press Clippings, Circa 1984
Folder Number 16: Inauguration pamphlets, 1984, Press Clippings, Circa 1986, Transcripts of talks, Circa 1986  
Folder Number 17: Press Clippings, Circa 1986
Folder Number 18: CV and press clippings, Circa 1987
Folder Number 19: Middle States Team Reports 1987

        Subseries 8: Lynde 1987-1989

Folder Number 20: Resume and faculty biographical data sheet 1970, C.V. 1989
Folder Number 21: Press clippings Circa 1970-1989
Folder Number 22: Presidential Task Force on Outcomes Assessment - Report to the President, Report to the Community, "Outcomes" Newsletters 1987-1988

        Subseries 9: Reid 1989-1998

Folder 23: Inauguration programs, Inauguration remarks, 1990
Folder 24: Inauguration programs, Welcome letter to faculty, Press clippings, 1990
Folder 25: Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Inauguration address, 1990
Folder Number 26: Master Plan Process Report with 2 photographs of Master Plan Committee Members and Board of Trustees Members (1989), Flyer for a celebration to mark the completion of the Facilities Master Plan, Phase One (1993) 1989, 1993
 Folder Number 27: Memorandum and Photograph of President Reid 1989
 Folder Number 28: Computing Consultant's Report 1990
 Folder Number 29: Convocation Invitation and Programs 1994

        Subseries 10: Cole 1998-

Folder Number 29: Dr. Cole Inauguration, 1999
Folder Number 30: Dr. Cole Inauguration Press Clippings, 1999
Folder Number 31: Dr. Cole Open Addresses, Circa 1999 – 2003
Folder Number 32: Dr. Cole Bios, Circa 1999 – 2002  
Folder Number 33: Dr. Cole Bios, Dedications 1999
Folder Number 34: Dr. Cole Distinguished Alumni
Folder Number 35: Dr. Cole Press Clippings (1)
Folder Number 36: Dr. Cole Press Clippings (2)
Folder Number 37: Dr. Cole Press Clippings (3)
Folder Number 38: Dr. Cole Press Clippings (4)
Folder Number 39: Dr. Cole Misc.

Audio Cassette: History of MSC - Dr. E.D. Partridge, President, 1937-1964



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