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Sprague Library Archives

Mission Statement

The Sprague Library Archives is a repository for many of the documents and other materials relating to the history of Montclair State College/University, the Panzer College of Physical Education and Hygiene, and College High School. It is available for reference and research by administrators, faculty, students, alumni and other interested parties.


Postcard of College Hall

This is a postcard of College Hall which can be seen in the MSU Buildings Collection. The postcard is undated, but the School was renamed Montclair State Teachers College in 1927, so the postcard is probably from before that date.


The Archives are located in Room 138 on the first floor of the Harry A. Sprague Library. There is also a Reading Room to view items on the upper floor -- Room 219.

Access is by appointment. Please contact Paul Martinez: 973 655-3465 or the Reference Department: 973-655-4291

Please see the Archives Use Policy.


The Library collects and maintains the following resources in the Sprague Library Archives:

  1. All documents related to the history of Sprague Library, including publications, annual reports, publicity releases, newspaper clippings and photographs
  2. Montclair State Catalogs – Undergraduate, Graduate and Summer Session (Shelved in the Archives Reading Room - Room 219.)
  3. Montclair State Masters Theses and Doctoral Dissertations (Shelved in the Archives Reading Room - Room 219.)
  4. Board of Trustees Minutes
  5. University Senate Minutes
  6. Annual Reports of the President of Montclair State University
  7. Student newspapers, yearbook and literary publications
  8. Staff newsletters
  9. Alumni Magazine
  10. Commencement Programs
  11. Middle States reports, including Self-Study reports
  12. Selected documents that relate to the history of Montclair State University, including newspaper clippings, publicity releases and photographs

The following are not actively collected:

  1. Publications, including newsletters and annual reports, of individual Colleges, Schools, Departments and Administrative Units
  2. Publications of individual faculty members, staff or administrators, including journal articles, reports, personal papers or photographs, unless they relate to the history of Montclair State


The Sprague Library Archives welcomes donations relating to the history of Montclair State College/University, College High School, or the Panzer College of Physical Education. Please see the policy for donation of materials below:

Donors must also complete a Deed of Gift form available below:

Before sending a donation, please contcact Paul Martinez at or (973) 655-3465

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