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The primary business resources available in the Sprague Library.

Company Ratios

Industry Ratios

The Books Below can be found in the library:

Note: Online students not near Montclair State University can check to see if these books are available near them by clicking on the book title and checking the Libraries Worldwide section of the book's record.


Beta attempts to measure the volatility of a stock by comparing its price to that of the S&P 500 Index over the last five years.
The more risky a stock is the higher its beta will become.

Historical Beta information for companies is only readily available via the Bloomberg Terminals that are located in the School of Business and the Research Insight / Compustat database. The use of these tools is restricted to students and faculty in Montclair State's School of Business. Please contact your department regarding access.

Mergent Online contains only the most recent beta number, but no historical data.
However, one can combine stock price data from Mergent Online (above) and index data from Yahoo! Finance (below) into one spreadsheet to perform the calculations. See the instructions below.

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