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Supply Chain

Bloomberg - Supply Chain Analysis (SPLC)

Supply Chain information via the Bloomberg terminals.

The Bloomberg terminals contain data for tens of thousands public and privately owned companies suppliers and customers.  Use the SPLC function for a specific company to search for supply chain information for a specific company.

  • For example:  BLDP <Equity> SPLC <GO>

The video below will provide more detailed examples for how to use this function.

Bloomberg terminals are available to current students and employees on the first floor of the Sprague Library and in the School of Business.

Articles in Journals and Trade Journals

Please expect to search through trade journals and business news sources that cover the industry in which your company operates.  Often these are where reports about new contracts, lost contracts, joint ventures being considered, etc., can be found. 

When searching, be sure to be creative in how you describe what you are looking for.  
If you need a hand with this, please reach out to the Sprague Library's Research & Reference Librarians for help. 
(See chat box above)

Company Filings

Public companies are required to name the companies that they deal with if, and only if, the relationships with those companies may place the reporting company in jeopardy.  For example, the reporting company would be in jeopardy if one of their major suppliers, or customers, were having problems or trouble.  This is usually discussed in the 10-K report in the Management's Discussion & Analysis section.  If the partner company gets into trouble mid-year, it may also be reported in an 8-K report.

EDGAR and Mergent Online will allow the full text searching of SEC filings.

Supply Chain Resources at Other Nearby Libraries

If you're willing to go to them in person (remote access is limited to their students, faculty and staff), the libraries below have other tools that contain supply chain information.

Rutgers University Libraries:

  • MarketLine.
  • IBISWorld.

The David and Lorraine Cheng Library at William Paterson University:

  • IBISWorld.
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