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EAES 496/592 Paleoclimatology

Create an Annotated Bibliography

EndNote has two options for annotations. The first, the "Annotated" style, is a custom style to EndNote which generates a citation, accompanied by the Abstract of the article. To create a traditional Annotated Bibliography, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Add annotation

Enter your annotation in the "Research Notes" field of the EndNote record.

Step 2: Add custom style (to CWYW or EndNote Toolbar)

While "Annotated" appears by default on the style drop-down menu in the CWYW toolbar, to create your personalized annotated bibliography you will need to add an additional style.

On the drop-down menu, click on Select Another Style... to bring up the complete list of installed styles.

From this menu, select APA 6th-Annotated.

'Choose a Style' menu with APA 6th-Annotated highlighted.

Step 3: Create Bibliography

To automatically create an annotated bibliography using EndNote, select the references you would like to include and go to File --> Export --> Export as "APA 6th-annotated", saving the file as a .txt, .rtf, or .htm file.

Export file window.

To generate an annotated bibliography from within Microsoft Word, use the Insert Citation(s) tool to select citations one at a time or in bulk. By default, an in-text citation will also be added during this process. To remove the in-text citation, right-click on the citation and select Edit Citations from the menu. Click on each citation, and update the citation formatting from Default to Show Only in Bibliography‚Äč.

EndNote Edit & Manage Citations window.

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