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Bloomberg Terminals

An introduction to the Bloomberg Terminals available on campus.

Cheat Sheets

Bloomberg provides a wide selection of guides / cheat sheets to help users learn to use specific functions within the system.  Video tutorials will be added to the Tutorials & Cheat Sheets page as we find them. 
(For example, see Supply Chain Analysis below.)

Bloomberg Video Tutorials

Bloomberg - Supply Chain Analysis (SPLC)

Supply Chain information via the Bloomberg terminals.

The Bloomberg terminals contain data for tens of thousands public and privately owned companies suppliers and customers.  Use the SPLC function for a specific company to search for supply chain information for a specific company.

  • For example:  BLDP <Equity> SPLC <GO>

The video below will provide more detailed examples for how to use this function.

Bloomberg terminals are available to current students and employees on the first floor of the Sprague Library and in the School of Business.

A Student’s Guide to Investing

Turning $100 Into $1,000,000 A Student's Guide to Investing from Bloomberg for Education on Vimeo.

Join Bloomberg for Education as we dive into the major tools we can use to screen for investment ideas that match your risk appetite. We will highlight various asset classes, analyze filters that can be used in an equity screen, review and monitor historical and forecasted metrics, and explore our news tools to be up to date on the latest company information. These tools and features we will show you are the same ones used by professional money managers as they navigate the market and invest their portfolio. The purpose of this presentation is not to advise you towards specific investments, but rather to demonstrate our tools to help you make your decision.

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