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Bloomberg Terminals

An introduction to the Bloomberg Terminals available on campus.

Getting Started

Login Requirements:

  • Bloomberg is only available on designated workstations.
  • First-time users
  1. Login to the computer with your Montclair State NetID and password.
  2. Register within the Bloomberg system with your Montclair State email account, in order to get your login ID and password from Bloomberg.
  3. Two Factor Authentication:  Access to your Montclair State email is needed for authentication.
  • Note:  Remote Access is not available.

The Keyboard

After creating an account and logging into a terminal,
become familiar with the command syntax and
the functions built into the keyboard. 

Note: The interface is reminiscent of pre-Windows/Apple computer interfaces.

Bloomberg Terminal Keyboard

<Red keys> -- used to login or logout of the system. You can only be logged into one terminal at a time.

Black keys -- used to enter tickers, function codes, search terms, date ranges, et cetera.

<Yellow market keys> -- used to tell Bloomberg in what market you want to look e.g. equities, commodities, etc.

<Green keys> -- used to make Bloomberg actually do something. You can type in the ticker for a security and hit the correct market key, but if you do not hit the green <GO> button Bloomberg will not do anything.

Typically when using Bloomberg, your command might look something like this: 

Basic skills video that touches upon the keyboard, using the command line, basic functions, and basic company data.
Bloomberg for Academia by Dr. Scott Ellis, Northumbria University.

Cheat Sheets

Bloomberg provides a wide selection of guides / cheat sheets to help users learn to use specific functions within the system.  Video tutorials will be added to the Tutorials & Cheat Sheets page as we find them. 
(For example, see Supply Chain Analysis below.)

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