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MATH 825: Research in Mathematics Education

Handouts and Information for MATH 825 library session

Getting Started with EndNote

Literature Reviews

Searching for Literature Reviews

There are many thousands of literature reviews accessible through the library's databases. Some databases make it easy to identify literature reviews published by other scholars, whereas others may take a bit of searching. You can often find literature reviews on your topic by searching for the following (or similar) phrases in the titles field of the advanced search box:

  • "a review"
  • "literature review"
  • "review of the literature"
  • "a meta-analysis"
  • "systematic analysis"

Use the advanced search options of the database to see if they allow you to sort by article type. Alternatively, you can try a subject search for "literature review" (see an EBSCO example here.)

Writing Literature Reviews

For advice on writing your own literature reviews, here are some starting recommendations:

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