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LNGN 332/506 Phonology

A library research guide created for students in LNGN332/506.

Search Library Catalog for Books & Media

Search Tips and Suggested Keywords

Watch this short video if you need to be reminded how to find books, eBooks and other materials in the library catalog.


You will likely encounter grammars that are intended for language instruction.  Try to avoid these and seek a text that is meant for phonologists.  Take a look at the description to try to figure this out from the catalog record.

Try some of these terms as keywords in the search box above.

  • "phonology of" and german
  • "phonology of" and arabic
  • "phonology of" tagalog​
  • phonology and german
  • phonology and arabic
  • "grammar of" and finnish
  • "grammar of" and hungarian
  • "grammar of" and basque
  • grammar and finnish
  • grammar and hungarian
  • "chinese grammar"
  • "basque grammar"
  • "quechua grammar"
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