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Designing Better Research Assignments

Unresearch Paper

  1.  Have students write a paper without doing any research. They can make up information and/or write the paper based on what they already know. Direct students not to cite or quote anything.
  2. Next, students conduct research in order to find sources for an annotated bibliography to accompany their paper. They should find: 
    • a source that supports a claim/point in the paper they wrote;
    • a source that brings a new point to the paper;
    • a source that contradicts a point made in the paper;
    • and a source that enhances the paper.
  3. For each source chosen, the annotation should include an explanation of how the chosen source supports, changes, complicates or improves their paper.

Source: Hosier, A. (2015). Teaching Information Literacy Through "Un-Research". Communications in Information Literacy, 9(2), 126-135.

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