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CMST 280 Investigative Research Methods

Course guide for CMST 280

Search Library Catalog for Books & Media

Search Tips and Suggested Keywords

Try some of these terms as keywords in the search box above.

  • "social media"
  • "political communication"
  • "digital culture"
  • celebrity
  • teenagers or adolescents
  • "obesity prevention"
  • anorexia
  • suicide
  • antismoking
  • slactivism
  • "gender identity"
  • "media literacy"
  • "fake news"
  • "health literacy"
  • "health communication"
  • cigarettes, tobacco or vaping
  • "at-risk people"
  • health
  • "Hispanic Americans"
  • "health risk communication"
  • "multimedia messaging"
  • "health promotion"
  • "smoking prevention"
  • "Human Papillomavirus vaccination"
  • nutrition or diet
  • "Parent-child communication"
  • "Communication in health education"
  • "social justice"
  • Twitter or Facebook
  • "political opinion"
  • agenda-setting
  • "public opinion"
  • memes
  • framing
  • YouTube
  • millenials
  • mental health

Hint:  Put quotes around a short phrase to keep those keywords in the same order in the search results.  If you are only using a single keyword (e.g. celebrity), no quotation marks are necessary.

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