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GRIN 226/GERM 226 German Fairytales

A library research guide created for students in GRIN226/GERM226.

What is criticism and interpretation?

You'll find criticism and interpretation of fairytales in many books, book chapters, articles, websites, etc. What does this mean?

Criticisim is "a reasoned discussion of literary works, an activity which may include some or all of the following procedures, in varying proportions: the defence of literature against moralists and censors, classification of a work according to its genre, interpretation of its meaning, analysis of its structure and style, judgement of its worth by comparison with other works, estimation of its likely effect on readers, and the establishment of general principles by which literary works (individually, in categories, or as a whole) can be evaluated and understood" (Baldick, 2015).

Take a look at the two pages where we've listed useful books and a scholarly journal where you can find articles that contain criticism and interpretation of fairytales.


Baldick, Chris. "Criticism." The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms. : Oxford University Press, 2015. Oxford Reference. Date Accessed 9 Feb. 2021 .

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