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WRIT106 Food Ethnographies

A library research guide on food ethnography.

Welcome to Your WRIT106 Guide on Food Subcultures

Welcome to your library research guide! Use this guide to help you discover resources for your food ethnography research project, particularly your secondary source reflection assignment. When searching for information contained within the following resources and materials, remember to always be thinking about these questions from your assignment:

  • What is the larger, general focus of this article?
  • What is the more specific, particular idea presented by the author/authors in this work that seems relevant to your research?
  • How does this idea connect with your primary research (field notes)?
  • Where do you think this connection could lead your activity in your field site and/or writing as you proceed during the course of this semester?
  • Finally, why is this author/source credible? 

Conducting Your Research

See below a number of podcasts relating to food culture, history, and society.

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