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COUN 552 Introduction to Professional and Ethical Issues in Counseling

A library research guide created for students in COUN 552, Introduction to Professional and Ethical Issues in Counseling.

Welcome to the Counseling 552 - The Research Guide

This guide is maintained by your Counseling Liaison Librarian, Catherine Baird, to help you learn about doing research, especially for the assignments in this course. Welcome to the scholarly conversation!  Before you get started, consider these myths about doing research.

Myths about Searching and Research

  • Print is good; web is bad.  
  • Scholarly information is good; popular information is bad.  
  • To do good research, just follow the correct steps.
  • Research stops when I've found everything I need to cite.
  • I can trust everything I find on the library website.
  • I can't trust anything I find on the internet.
  • These days, searching and researching are basically the same thing.

Research and using information to learn is a complex and fascinating journey.  You'll hear a lot of oversimplified rules about doing research and trusting or not trusting information sources. As you become more engaged in the Counseling research community, you'll learn more about these complexities and further develop your own scholarly voice. 

Research is a Conversation

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