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New Jersey Government Information

State of NJ Official Site

Click on the Great Seal to access the State of NJ Official Government Site. List of State and Local Directories.

Access to Public Records

The Open Public Records Act of NJ (OPRA) - For text click here - or OPRA, is the name of the law guaranteeing access to public records in the state. Became the state's sunshine law on January 8, 2002.

Division of Archives and Records Management - NJ's public records authority - "The division ensures the security, integrity, and efficiency of government record-keeping and public access to both current and historical records as technology, media and forms of records change."

Sunshine Review: Bringing State & Local Government to Light - is a non-profit organization which collects and shares information on all state and local government transparency, to engage citizens, and hold government officials accountable.  It uses a 10-point Transparency Checklist to evaluate 6,000 state and local government websites. 



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