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AI Tools for Research and Writing

This guide describes a number of artificial intelligence tools that are available to help with research and writing. Most require users to sign up and some require payment.

Getting Started

Things to Think About Before Using AI for Research and Writing

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become increasingly popular in a world that is expanding the use and capabilities of AI. This LibGuide is dedicated to generative AI and how these tools can be useful in assisting with writing and research. Make sure to read the privacy policies of any AI tool to understand what happens with the data you input.

Currently, journals and publishers have various guidelines on using AI and what they want to see in terms of documenting the usage of AI in the writing process. This is an important topic to keep an eye on because there are discussions that researchers will release a standardized set of guidelines that replace preexisting individual guidelines. Make sure to review the AI tools policy of the journal or publisher you submit your work to! 

Check out the current guidelines on using AI from some of the major publishers:


Request that authors disclose in a statement if AI is used in the writing process. AI or AI-Assisted Technologies should not be listed or cited as co-authors.


Does not consider Large Language Models (LLMs), for example ChatGPT, to qualify as authorship. Documentation of AI tools should be included in the Methods section and not as a co-author.

Taylor & Francis

AI tools are not considered as authors and should be documented appropriately. The author must ensure they use AI responsibly. 


AI tools should be documented accurately in the Methods section, not as a co-author.


Similarly to the other publishers, the author is responsible for accuracy of AI tools. Any usage of the AI tools should be documented accurately in the Methods section, not as a co-author.

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