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For the Montclair State University Community.

An image of the progressive pride flag. The flag consists of the traditional rainbow flag with and arrow consisting of four stripes. The color of the stripes from left to right are pink, blue, brown and black.

The Progress Pride Flag image

Some Terminology

This is not an exhaustive list of terminology. Follow the links below to explore additional terminology.


L-Lesbian- a woman who is attracted, both romantically and sexually to other women.

G- Gay- a person who is attracted both romantically and sexually to the same sex. Used more commonly to refer to gay men, as many women prefer the term lesbian.

B-Bisexual- a person who is attracted to more then one gender.

T-Trans (transgender) a person who gender identity is different from their sex assigned at birth.

Q-Queer- A term by LGBTQ community members to describe themselves. To some community members queer can be hurtful term, so only use it if an individual themselves uses the term.

I- Intersex- “An individual who is born with biological between the medical definitions of male and female”*

A- Asexual- an individual who does not experience sexual attraction

(+) The plus symbol refers to other expensive identities within the community.

Other common terms:

Assigned Male/female at birth- The sex assigned to a child at birth based on genitals.

Biological sex- assigned to children at birth based on sex characteristics. 

Gender Euphoria -the feeling of elation when presenting as one’s gender identity.

Non-binary- an individual who does not believe in the gender binary.


*PFLAG Glossary

Human Rights Campaign Glossary

Stonewall UK LGBT Glossary

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