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HIST 322 Medieval European Civilization

A course guide created for HIST 322 Medieval European Civilization

Selected Web Resources

Evaluating Web Resources

Is it clear who created the website?  
What are the credentials, institutional affiliations, and expertise of the people who created the website?  

Are the sources for factual information clearly listed so they can be verified in another source?
Is the information free of grammatical, spelling, and other typographical errors?

Is the purpose and intention of the site clear, including any bias or particular viewpoint?
Is there a link to a page describing the goals or purpose of the sponsoring organization or company?
If there is any advertising on the page, is it clearly differentiated from the informational content?
Are there dates on the page to indicate when the page was written, when the page was first placed on the Web, or when the page was last revised?

Are these topics successfully addressed, with clearly presented arguments and adequate support to substantiate them?
Does the work update other sources, substantiate other materials you have read, or add new information?
Is the target audience identified and appropriate for your needs?

Does the site look well organized?
Do the links work?
Does the site appear well maintained?

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