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PSYC 246 Psychology of the Black Experience

Research resources for Pyschology of the Black Experience


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Bill Vincenti
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Professor Saundra Collins
Course:      PSYC 246 Psychology of the Black Experience


  • Locate 5 cosmetic advertisements marketing products that alter Black physical characteristics (hair straighteners, skin lighteners, lip thinners, nose thinners, hair lengtheners etc.) from the early 1900’s – 1950’s newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Read the text of the advertisement. In your critical analysis of the text discuss how the suggestions might undermine the self-esteem of the product target (Blacks) and the perception of non-Blacks. What does the text suggest about the life experience of Blacks? What does the text suggest about the appearance of Blacks? Make sure you include a copy of the advertisement.
  • Provide a reference with each advertisement and a copy of the advertisement. Make sure you include the name, date, volume, year, and page number of the source of the advertisement.

Search Suggestions: African Americans, Black, skin, hair, shampoo, etc.

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