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New Arrivals

This guide includes selected new books added to the Library's collection

University Authors 2024 Titles as of today

Black Folklorists in Pursuit of Equality

This book chronicles African American initiatives that drew on folklore in their pursuit of racial equality. Covering a time span from 1893 through the 1940s, Ronald LaMarr Sharps argues that black folklorists in these movements exposed an inner life of the race ranging from loving, loyal, and happy to imitative, tragic, spiritual, emotional, and creative in support of their struggle for economic, political, and social equality.

Knowledge, Mind and Reality: An Introduction by Early Twentieth-Century American Women Philosophers

This book is the first volume featuring the work of American women philosophers in the first half of the twentieth century. It provides selected papers authored by Mary Whiton Calkins, Grace Andrus de Laguna, Grace Neal Dolson, Marjorie Glicksman Grene, Marjorie Silliman Harris, Thelma Zemo Lavine, Marie Collins Swabey, Ellen Bliss Talbot, Dorothy Walsh and Margaret Floy Washburn. The book also provides the historical and philosophical background to their work. The papers focus on the nature of philosophy, knowledge, the philosophy of science, the mind-matter nexus, the nature of time, and the question of freedom and the individual. The material is suitable for scholars, researchers and advanced philosophy students interested in (history of) philosophy; theories of knowledge; philosophy of science; mind, and reality.

Victorian Verse

Victorian Verse: The Poetics of Everyday Life casts new light on nineteenth-century poetry by examining the period through its popular verse forms and their surrounding social and media landscape. The volume offers insight into two central concepts of both the Victorian era and our own--status and taste--and how cultural hierarchies then and now were and are constructed and broken. By recovering the lost diversity of Victorian verse, the book maps the breadth of Victorian writing and reading practices, illustrating how these seemingly minor verse genres actually possessed crucial social functions for Victorians, particularly in education, leisure practices, the cultural production of class, and the formation of individual and communal identities. The essays consider how "major" Victorian poets, such as the Pre-Raphaelites, were also committed to writing and reading "minor" verse, further troubling the clear-cut notions of canonicity by examining the contradictions of value.

Le falsità anti-Stalin di uno scrittore "socialista" : risposta all'articolo di Alex Skopic: "Stalin non sarà mai recuperabile"

Italian translation of: Anti-Stalin falsehoods from a "socialist" writer -- refuting Alex Skopic's article "Stalin will never be redeemable"

Stalin : Aspettando... la verità

Italian translation of: Stalin, waiting for ... the truth

Treatise on Geomorphology. Volume 3, Weathering and Soil Processes

Treatise on Geomorphology, Second Edition, Eleven Volume Set is organized into eleven volumes built on the outstanding success of the first edition.  Volume 3: Weathering and Soil Processes

The Music Therapy Supervisor : Developmental Perspectives

A qualitative study including systematic reviews and interview study utilizing interpretative phenomenological analysis.

The Routledge Handbook of Memory Activism

"This handbook is the first systematic effort to map the fast-growing phenomenon of memory activism and to delineate a new field of research that lies at the intersection of memory and social movement studies. From Charlottesville to Capetown, from Santiago to Sydney, we have recently witnessed protesters demanding that symbols of racist or colonial pasts be dismantled and that we talk about histories that have long been silenced. But such events are only the most visible instances of grassroots efforts to influence the meaning of the past in the present. Made up of more than 80 chapters that encapsulate the rich diversity of scholarship and practice of memory activism by assembling different disciplinary traditions, methodological approaches, and empirical evidence from across the globe, this handbook establishes important questions and their theoretical implications arising from the social, political, and economic reality of memory activism. Memory Activism is multi-faceted, takes place in a variety of settings, and has diverse outcomes - but it is always crucial to understanding the constitution and transformation of our societies, past and present. This volume will serve as a guide and establish new analytic frameworks for scholars, students, policy makers, journalists, and activists alike"-- Provided by publisher.

David's Little Town : A Memoir

Educator David Campbell experienced a unique time of life in American history-- growing up in industrial small town Galion, Ohio in the mid-twentieth century. He recorded some of his childhood recollections as part of a memoir for his children that he never finished.

Now, with the family's permission, scholar Julian Costa brings Campbell's stories to light in their unabridged form.

Explore 1950s Galion with David. Join him as he socializes with his friends, follow him from class to his after-school activities and enjoy the close bond he shares with his family. Enjoy his stories of a simpler time in America, a time and a place taken for granted. Though David's stories reflect simple aspects of his upbringing, it is moments like these that many find relatable.

Critical insights : All the pretty horses

Provides a collection of critical essays on Cormac McCarthy's All the pretty horses.

Social Research Methods by Example

"Social Research Methods by Example sharpens students understanding of the research process and the essential methods and tools that researchers utilize to perform their work on the cutting edge of the social sciences. The authors break the textbook into two major sections, the first of which provides a foundation for conducting research and forming a research inquiry. The second section guides students through major types of social research, with each chapters focus set on a different technique. Engaging and illustrative examples from real research are shown throughout to introduce students to key aspects of the process and make the material on methods more relatable and applicable to their own future projects. The new edition features updated examples across the chapters, reflecting new directions within the social sciences and both a diversity of voices and research output in recent years. The authors also expand their chapter overviews on surveys, interviews and focus groups, and multivariate analysis, and weave discussion of validity and ethical considerations more carefully into the fabric of each chapters focus. Far more than an introduction to the principles of social science research, this book leaves students with the skills and the applied know-how to carry out their own. It is an excellent resource for methods courses across the social sciences"--Provided by publisher.

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