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New Arrivals

This guide includes selected new books and streaming videos added to the Library's collection

Highlighted in March 2023

Untold. Victoria Woodhull : Fighting for Women's Rights

At a time when women were expected to know their place, activist and businessperson Victoria Woodhull blazed a trail as a fierce advocate for women's suffrage and empowerment.

Untold. The Civil War Battle for Bread

When the women of Richmond, Virginia couldn't afford to buy bread during the American Civil War, they incited the largest civil disturbance the Confederacy had ever seen.

Untold. Wong Kim Ark's Fight for Birthright Citizenship

By taking on the US government and winning, Wong Kim Ark ensured that the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution granted citizenship to every American by birth, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Untold. David Pharaoh Asserts Indigenous Rights

Montaukett leader David Pharaoh fought for indigenous land rights - and established a lasting legacy as the founder of America's first Montaukett school.

Untold. Frederick Douglass' Composite Nation

Abolitionist and social reformer Frederick Douglass believed that the U.S. could become the greatest nation in history - if it accepted the defining principles set out in his speech, Composite Nation.

Untold. Marian Anderson : The Opera Singer Who Challenged Segregation

When Black singer Marian Anderson was barred from performing in Washington by the Daughters of the Revolution, her Lincoln Memorial performance made her an icon of the Civil Rights Movement.

Untold. When the Youth of Birmingham Changed History

In 1963, school children from Birmingham, Alabama skipped class to demonstrate for racial equality. Met with police violence, they helped to bring about significant change.

Untold. Frances Ellen Watkins Harper's Pursuit of Absolute Equality

This film is about the most important events of Watkins Harper's early life, highlighting her early achievements as a writer.

Untold. Thomas Garrett and the Underground Railroad

By day he worked as an iron merchant - but by night, Thomas Garrett helped thousands escape slavery as a station master on the Underground Railroad.

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