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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Items without links below are books located in the library's Reference Department (REF).

  • The Times, 1796-2000. (London)
    The Times is available in the library's Multimedia Department.
    Indexing to the publication is available under several titles located near
    each other in the library's Reference Collection:

    • Palmer's Index to "The Times" Newspaper, 1790-1905. REF AI21 .T5
    • The Annual Index to the Times, 1906-1913. REF AI21 .T461A
    • The Official Index to the Times, 1914-2000. REF AI21 .T462

    Books: This heading begins to appear in 1796.
    Reviews, see Books: This heading begins to appear in 1811.
  • Literary reviews in British periodicals, 1789-1797.
    REF Z2013 .W36 1979
  • Literary reviews in British periodicals, 1798-1820.
    REF Z2013 .W36
  • Literary reviews in British periodicals, 1821-1826.
    REF Z2013 .W36 1977
  • Wellesley Index to Victorian periodicals, 1824-1900.
    REF AI3.W45 5 volumes.
    The Curran Index, additions and corrections to the Wellesley Index.
  • The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature.
    REF Z2011 .N45
    A section containing reviews is often included.
  • Combined Retrospective Index to Scholarly Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals, 1886-1974.
    REF Z1035.A1 C6
  • Nineteenth century readers' guide to periodical literature, 1890-1899.
    REF AI3 .N5
  • Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. (1890-2006)
    REF AI3 .R48
  • Book Review Digest. (1906-1964, 1966-2011)
    Offers abstracts of book reviews from about 100
    U.S., Canadian, and British periodicals.
    REF Z1219 .C96
  • Science Fiction Book Review Index. (1923-1973 & 1974-1979)
    REF Z5917.S36 H35
  • Internationale Bibliographie der Geschichtswissenschaften. (International bibliography of historical sciences). 1926-1969.
    REF Z6205 .I62
  • Index to Religious Periodical Literature. (1949-1976)
    REF Z7753 .A5
  • Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities. (1961-1990)
    REF Z1035.A1 I63
  • French Periodical Index. (1973-1978,1980-1986,1988-1995)
    REF AI7 .F7
  • Social Sciences Index. (June 1974- )
    groups book reviews at the back of each volume. Indexes over 400 English-language periodicals in anthropology, economics, geography, law, political science, and sociology.
  • American Humanities Index. (1975- )
    is a good book that reviews in the literary reviews.
    REF AI3 .A278
  • Humanities Index. (1978- ) groups book reviews at the back of each volume.
    REF AI3 .R493
  • Book Review Index. (2000, 2005, 2007-2011)
    REF Z1035.A1 B6
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