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Early Childhood Education

Streaming Video available from MSU

Sprague Library has licensed access to streaming video from these collections.  These videos are MSU Restricted, so to view them you must either be on campus or logged in with via the MSU proxy server:

The NJVid Video Portal hosts most of the licensed MSU streaming video content as well as Learning on Demand video clips created by MSU faculty for classroom use.  MSU login required to access licensed content.



A collection of video available online for the study of American history.
A searchable database of hundreds of videos of dance productions and documentaries from Alexander Street Press.

Contains more than 250 definitive performances of the world's leading plays, together with more than 100 film documentaries.

A collection of 22 videos on topics of social change hosted on the NJVid Video Portal.  MSU login required.


Streaming Video on Education Topics

Require MSU login to NJVID

  • Learning Literacy   
    This program seeks to understand how the brain, which has evolved no hardwired “reading center,” made the leap to literacy; why reading well-crafted writing is so profoundly important to intellectual and emotional development; and whether the Internet, with its blogs and videos and games, is placing novels—a prime type of reading material for nurturing the capacity for empathy—at risk.

  • School, the Story of American Public Education     
    Four part documentary on the history of public education in the United States from Common Schools in the 1770s to the present day. Issues presented are Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954), the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Title IV, education reform, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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