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Census Help

American Fact Finder - The American Fact Finfer is one of the primary ways to locate information from the Census Bureau.  It can be used to find community fact sheets, population analysis, information on various industries, and a lot more.

American Community Survey -The American Community Survey is the replacement for the long form version of the census.  A great deal of data is available on various aspects of the U.S. population, broken down by year.

Year 2000 Census - Direct link to the most recently compiled decennial census.

Economic Census -This is the Census Bureau's main method of collecting information on businesses and the economy.  The Economic Census is conducted every 5 years, most recently in 2007, information can be looked up using products, industry codes, and a wide variety of other methods.

Statistical Abstract of the United States -The Statistical Abstract contatins statistics on many topics drawing from a variety of sources including the census bureau and various other executive departments.

2010 Census

By law, the United States government must collect population information every 10 years. Find the most recent U.S. Census information:

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