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Sprague Library Exhibits

Focus on Fashion

Focus on Fashion - (Fall, 2015) An overall view of fashion throughout time, the display includes both men's and women's style.  It is focused on modern day fashion, from Hepburn to Halston and right up until today.  Ethnic costume, children's clothing and dressmaking complete the exhibit.

Curated by Kevin Prendergast


Exhibit Schedule

September: Focus on Fashion  

October/November: "Rising Tide: What we can learn from the Dutch and their relationship with water after Hurricane Sandy.”  This will be an environmental science exhibit about Dutch strategies for water resource management that would benefit New Jersey and New York but will also focus on the Dutch legacy in New Jersey and New York and the third anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

December/January: Government Documents

February/ March: Affirmative Action (President's Commission on Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity)

April/June: University Authors - Annual University Authors Exhibit

June/July: Montclair's Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy of Children  - Exhibit to coincide with June Conference. 

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